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Work experience

Sep '18 -

Software Engineer

LightStep in San Francisco, CA
  • Core contributor to a industry-first product that provided robust analysis of large collections of traces (blog)
    • The feature allowed complex filtering and grouping of large scale distributed trace data to help users diagnose issues with their system
    • As part of this project, designed and migrated a core monolithic service into a distributed leader-worker model that horizontally scales to meet demand 
  • Developed a product to visualize system architecture as a nodes & edges diagram derived from distributed trace data (blog)
  • Built a service to manage client-specific data retention settings
    • Migrated critical storage systems to this new flow without downtime or errors
  • Worked on a Correlations feature which automatically identifies system attributes that are more strongly associated with high latency
Jan '16Sep '18

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead

Rally Health in San Francisco, CA
  • Led a team of six engineers building features for Rally Engage. A consumer product that promotes healthy habits through rewards & incentives
      • Built a robust recommendation system to suggest relevant activities based on a user’s health goals and habits. The system led to increased engagement and participation in the recommended activities
      • Architected and implemented a widely-used system for translating strings on-demand based on a user’s locale
      • Migrated a legacy, monolithic application into several scalable, independently deployable services. These microservices had lower latency, higher test coverage and better error handling (blog)
  • Member of Eng. Tech Staff, serving as a technical leader on many engineering-wide initiatives
    • Led a "Night's Watch" team of ten engineers from many teams on a software optimization project. Found, triaged and fixed several performance bottlenecks and successfully scaled services to meet increased demand on Jan 1 
    • Evaluated and prototyped several Distributed Tracing solutions and presented the value to CTO and senior leaders
Jun '13Dec '15

Software Engineer

Opower (acq. by Oracle) in Arlington, VA
  • Core contributor to a data integration platform for ingesting 100 billion utility data points/year from over 100+ unique clients (blog)
    • Migrated a legacy data import framework into a batched process, which reduced data import time from several hours to a few minutes 
    • Developed several complex data validation techniques, improving data quality and accuracy for downstream systems
    • Built tools to visualize ETL process and surface data issues to external clients, which helped identify and fix data issues sooner

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