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Seeking an internship as a character artist's assistant in order to gain experience in designing characters and their textures.


Aug 2010Present

New Media Design

Queens University of Charlotte

"...New Media Design...provide[s] students with both the technical ability for expression as well as an understanding of the history of art. Art students relate to historical and contemporary cultures outside of themselves and thereby obtain a deeper understanding of their own communities. In making art, defending their work and studying the creative process, students develop critical and creative thinking and master a theoretical and practical understanding of aesthetic judgments. This could lead to productive careers in academia, museums, galleries, art dealing, art conservation, art criticism, publishing, education, graphic design, interior design and as independent artists."

-BA in New Media Design

Work experience

Sep 2010Present

QUEST Department, IT Services and Everett Library Help Desk Receptionist

Queens University of Charlotte
  • Support IT Services/librarians to assistance patrons in a timely fashion
  • Troubleshoot computer and printer malfunctions by researching and probing for solutions
  • Manage the Help Desk with little to no supervision
  • Follow the regulations and procedures to ensure patrons' absolute satisfaction
  • Influence the decision of arranging library resources to maximize quiet research time for patrons


This is one of the industry standard programs used to design 3D models of characters.  I have downloaded the 30-day free trial of ZBrush.  I have read through the tutorial guide and have watched ZClassroom's tutorials in how to effectively learn the programs features including ZSpheres, Polypaint, meshes, and others.
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
I began to develop my skills in Illustrator my sophomore year of high school in Graphic Arts I.  I then proceeded to take the second course and I was the teacher's assistant during my senior year.   I continue to develop this skill by drawing my own characters by hand and then scanning it into Illustrator.  From there, I turn them into bright illustrations.

Portfolio (2007-present)