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Photography, traveling, gardening, nature.

About Karin Winslow

Amateur photographer Karin Winslow dedicates her time to exploring nature and the human condition through her work in landscapes and portraiture. The proprietor of, Winslow maintains a healthy presence online where she can display her works and connect with fans of her photographs. Though she has embraced the electronic frontier of photography, she is no newcomer to the art form, having worked in traditional darkrooms in college and even having a darkroom in her childhood home.While heavily inspired by the natural world, Karin Winslow also works extensively in portrait and architecture photography. In those endeavors, she employs the techniques she has learned throughout her tenure with the camera including dynamic lighting and framing and creative use of lenses to develop her own brand of photography. Winslow’s work in portraiture features a collection of photos that utilize both black and white imagery and vivid colorization to create striking glimpses into her subjects.In addition to her photographic works, Karin Winslow enjoys gardening and grows a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, including figs, rosemary, and lavender. She counts her cultivation of a Kaffir lime tree among her horticultural successes. Winslow utilizes these ingredients and her artistic talents in her own kitchen, making a diverse range of dishes that feature the unique smells and colors of her garden. She is also an active philanthropist and gets a lot of satisfaction from helping others in need. Winslow’s philanthropic efforts include serving on the advisory board of Busted Foundation for Breast Cancer as well as initiating a yearly clothing drive for refugees in Chicago. She also considers herself an amateur in a number of disciplines including shoe cobbling and home furnishing.

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