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Networking/meeting new people

Strong interest in sustainable development issues 


I am ready to put to work my lively personality and strategic capabilities

in order to gain enough experience and credibility,

build my way up and bring something new to the industry.


Aida Ghaly


I want to be part of clever marketing successes, search for consumers' insights within a given target, push further my curiosity and desire to EXPERIMENT with the marketing science in an innovative way!

Ultimate goal: 

To maximize the impact and efficacy of creative marketing strategies through the implementation of DYNAMIC communication platforms.


I want to explore the saying: "Build a life for your brand, not just a living" - Mitch Baranowski, BBMG New York(Thanks to his captivating conference on sustainable branding in Montreal!)

Work experience

Jan 2006Sep 2009

Marketing Communications Specialist

Allard Technologies Inc

ØConducted numerous market researches; Compiled and interpreted results in order to better determine the firm’s strengths and weaknesses and improve the given service

ØManaged the remodeling of the company’s website ( and wrote all its pages

ØElaborated a customers’ relationship program through consolidating and integrating regular customers service tasks (for a better in-firm dynamic)

ØCreated a branding folio (history, achievements, awards, market segments, positioning, etc.) to be given to potential clients and the press for media coverage

ØBuilt an advertising campaign for different publications

ØRevised and modified the presentation of official documents on which appear the signature to create a consistent visual platform (to facilitate customers’ recall)

ØPlanned and budgeted distinct events and supervised their unfolding

Apr 2009Aug 2009

Marketing Communications Consultant

RONA Hardware

ØProduced a marketing communications audit to establish a diagnosis of the brand’s image on its Ontarian market (tools used: quantitative and qualitative research, benchmarking)

ØCreated a stronger brand equity for RONA to differentiate its offer as being the hardware industry’s leader in sustainable development

ØBuilt a marketing communications strategy in order to promote RONA and increase sales within the Ontarian market

May 2007Aug 2008

Field Marketing Representative

Mosaic Sales Solution

ØPromoted Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal beauty products through direct marketing at different locations across Quebec Province

ØAdvised customers on everyday hygienic and beauty products thus leading to their purchase (according to sales objectives)

ØCompleted marketing statement reports, i.e. the analysis of the promotion execution’s context and potential AND measurable business results

Jan 2008Apr 2008

Brand Image Consultant / Advertiser

Hydro-Québec (Co-op Internship)

ØManaged multiple advertising projects simultaneously

ØDetermined in-firm customers’ advertising needs

ØMade sure that the several advertising files were achieved from the creation of their platforms to the media space bookings

ØBuilt and maintained efficient relationships with advertising firms

ØEvaluated media kits sent by potential diffusers

Jan 2002Apr 2005

Snowboard Instructor

Mont Sutton

ØTaught and demonstrated different ways to improve and enjoy snowboarding in various weather conditions while respecting the student’s level (private and group lessons, all ages)

ØSupervised and animated a group of 8 to 10 assigned students

ØAnalyzed techniques and noted improvements of the team, followed by giving a progress report to kids and parents after each lesson




Universite de Sherbrooke


Universite de Sherbrooke