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Editorial Assistant at University Student Union, California State University, Northridge. Writer. Reader. Lover of stories. Areas of expertise include editing, Microsoft Word, writing, copywriting, AP Style, Harry Potter, and Oxford Commas.

Work History

September 2016 Present

TEDxCSUN Volunteer Student Curator

California State University, Northridge

Being a TEDx Student Curator is a huge undertaking. I gather and develop a team of students in positions ranging from budgeting to film, stage design and marketing. As the organizer, I oversee this team and put together the best possible TEDx event at my university.

May 2015Present

Student Editorial Assistant

University Student Union at Cal State, Northridge

I am privileged to work with a group of incredibly talented artists who come together to create pieces of art to use to market events on campus. 

I am a copywriter and editor, so I take the information from the client and bring it down so that it can fit onto a poster or flier. I also write E-Blasts which are emails that get sent out to a list specified by the client, and I also write the scripts that get played on our school's radio station.

I work hand in hand with clients, designers and project coordinators to develop the best marketing strategy to fit the events we have at the University Student Union. The process of developing the marketing materials starts and ends with me, as I take all the information provided by the client and reduce it to the key elements. Then, I also sign off the project with an editorial review/proof before it goes out to be posted around campus.

May 2016September 2016

Contributing Editor

The Odyssey Online, Cal State Northridge

Working under the Editor in Chief and in collaboration with another contributing editor, I go through the articles that are submitted through the back end of Muse, Odyssey's managing software. I read articles and check for grammatical errors as well as AP Style. I also assist with article ideas and brainstorming, as well as making sure we all remain a team.

November 2015September 2016


The Odyssey Online, Cal State Northridge

Every week I contribute an article to the Cal State Northridge outlet of The Odyssey Online, an online social content platform. I am responsible for coming up with my own article ideas and making sure that there aren't AP style mistakes to remove some of the work from the EIC

Here are some of my favorite and most popular articles so far:

College: The Murderer of Creativity

What I Learned From My Week Off Social Media:

Millenials: The "Snake People"

Dystopia Isn't Dead

Social Media's Role In Being Hired


Jan 2010Present


I have been writing since 5th grade, but I wrote and completed my first novel as a Freshman in high school. I love writing, and I want to keep writing novels for the rest of my life.

Now, having finished my first year of college, I have written and completed six novels, with another one in the works, and one of those has been edited by a professional editor.

I put this in the "jobs" category because it really does take a lot of time and commitment. I consider myself a part of this writers community, and spend a lot of time and emotional into every single book I create. There's this quote about ow writing is not fu, but instead like bleeding onto a typewriter, I could never find it again after reading it that one time, but that is truly what it's like, except, for me, it's a Mac.

I also write and manage my own blog at where I write about being a writer, up and coming books, reviews, as well as information about the publishing world.

Aug 2012Jul 2014


Foothill Dragon Press

In Defense of Acting - This was one of the most important piece I wrote, simply because it has to do with something very important to me. I have wanted to be an actor for as long as I remember, but never told anyone because there seems to be this social stigma that it's only for dreamers, and attention seekers. It wasn't until this year, that I was okay with people having a misconception about me, and I didn't mind being categorized with the dreamers.

Unquilty Pleasures - This was my favorite column to write, and possible also my favorite piece ever because, not only did I get to make up my own word, but I got to talk about something that I legitimately feel extremely passionate about, and pester my friends about day after day. It's liberating to write columns for a newspaper as successful as The FDP because so many people have access to what you are saying. I wanted my first few columns to be about things I really believed in, and this piece embodied that.

Aug 2012Jun 2014

Arts and Entertainment Writer

The Foothill Dragon Press

Best Work:

"The Great Gatsby": The book always wins I had a lot of fun writing this review because The Great Gatsby is easily one of my favorite books. I had the idea to do book reviews in the beginning of the year, and throughout the rest of that year, they evolved. More people started writing them, and my Journalism advisor was and is very proud of that section. Since it is Arts and Entertainment, I decided to do a duel review, and write a movie/book review in one article. The Great Gatsby was perfect, because I already had read the book, and had tickets to go see the movie. 

"The Fault in Our Stars" rockets back to NY Times bestseller list This article is another example of putting myself in an unbiased position because John Green is one of my favorite authors. I also needed to write this article in just a few hours, because the article I had been assigned fell through, and I needed something else, and fast. I had just finished this book, so I sat down and wrote the review. I knew a lot about the events and why the book is doing so well again, but I did extra research and was able to write an article I wasn't prepared to an hour before.

Nov 2013Jun 2014


During my last year in high school I worked as a nanny] for three children, a 6th grader, 5th grader, and 1st grader, the two oldest have been diagnosed with Autism since they were very small.

I was responsible for picking them up every day from school, talking to their aids, and making sure that if there was a problem, it either gets sorted out with me, or later with their mom.

I include this on my CV still because the lessons I learned working with children who were considered disabled were incredibly valuable. It was difficult at times, learning how to cope with the Autism ticks, and the tantrums, but they allowed me to grow, and it was such a treat being able to watch them do the same.


In my portfolio section, I've decided to include some of my writing from my personal blog, from one of my novels, and some articles that have been published.

Extra Curricular

Karina Schink Books

In 2016 I started my own Book Blog ( As it's description states, it is a blog for readers and writers alike. It explores topics like inspiration, upcoming books, the writing process and publishing. I try to publish at least three posts a week and do research on upcoming news in the publishing/book industry. I have a passion for writing and publishing, and this is a way of having an outlet for that while also, hopefully, supplying a platform for an audience with a similar interest.

Some of my blog posts:

My Point of View on Point of View:



This morning, I only wanted to write in the perspective of my original main character. I had an unexplained biased to MY OWN CHARACTERS.

I wanted to tear out my hair, but I didn't. Instead, I went to work and I worked. And I thought.

And I realized something: I am always going to make the wrong choice. Writers will always make the wrong choice.

Books From the Past Year:




Red Queen by Victioria Aveyard is a stunning debut. I'm not really one for fantasy books. I like Dystopian and Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction and basically anything with a love triangle. I like Harry Potter, and that's about as far as my love for fantasy went. 

But, I heard about this book. And I love proving myself wrong. This was one of those cases. I fell in love with this story so much that I pre-ordered the sequel before the cover or title was even released. 

The Postmortal Performance Project

During my first semester of college (August 2014) I participated in the Postmortal Performance Project, which was a collaboration between several freshman and Dr. Ellyn Lerner. Together we produced and put on a play based on the novel, The Postmortal by Drew Magary. I was a writer for the play and took part in creating characters and dialogue, as well as editing, and working with Ellyn one and one on the script. I also took part in coaching three actors on their characters and delivery of their lines. Here is an article from the SUNdial on the performance:


Last year I started editing on more of a daily basis. I was asked to edit Jill Williamson's book Storyworld First: Creating a Unique Fantasy World for Your Novel, which was published last year. (here is a link to that book on Amazon 

Around the same time as working on Jill's book, I was also working with Michelle Synder, a professional editor, on one of my own novels, and with her learned about what it takes to edit a novel professionally.

In 2015 I was asked by a personal friend to edit the sequel to his novel. S. Alex Martin's first novel is self-published through Amazon and received many great reviews. I, as well as several other editors, have been reading through and editing the sequel for grammar and plot. It was published on January 1st, 2016. Here is a look at the first one:

I am currently editing my writing partner's novel Witchin' which has been self-published on Amazon, but she is looking to re-release. With her I have been working on character development and plot as well as grammar and dialogue. 

Community Access Partners

I worked with CAPS as a sophomore and junior in high school when my interest in filmmaking was just beginning. The first day I volunteered I was a grip, or someone who makes sure the cameramen don't trip over their wire cameras. The next few times I got to be key control, assistant floor director, and then the floor director. My experience with CAPS was short, but I learned a lot about how live television interviews work and how to operate a floor camera.

Relay For Life

I have been involved in Relay for Life for the past 12 years. It has always been a very personal experience for me, and every single year it is moving and very powerful. It is hard to put my time with Relay into words, because it is a unique experience every single time. My mother is a caner survivor, and I have many friends that are no longer alive because of this disease. It has plagued my life since 1st grade and I will fight every single year, until it is eradicated.


Character Traits


The character trait that I value most is service, or teamwork. I believe that nothing can be done alone, you have to be able to trust the people around you, and that only comes with respect. I believe acquiring teamwork is only achievable if you embody certain traits such as respect, courage, integrity, and humility. I hold all of these traits highly, especially humility. I have been so humbled by the response to my book and my organization, but I am also able to respect the fact that I didn't do it alone, I had help.

On the Foothill Dragon Press, we all work as a team, and if any one person decided they didn't want to, it wouldn't work, and we wouldn't have award winning material to publish everyday. Being a part of a team can teach you so much more than being alone ever could. I love being a part of a team, and I love it when I respect people, that they respect me back. It makes me feel good to be a part of an organization like the Dragon Press where, because we are a team, we treat each other equally and all do our fair share.


Working as a nanny for three children, two of which have Autism, has not been easy. Sometimes it is and sometimes it's really not. Watching them every day for two hours, during the length of one school year has allowed me to grow, along with them. I always knew I was a patient person, but this has solidified that belief. I can handle tantrums, and bring out the laughter, as well as deal with every day problems like pushing your sister, or not sharing your gummy bears.


There are two things in this world that I aspire to be in my professional and personal life: humble and honest. I never lie to my boss. If I'm late for any reason, I call, or if I'm early, I call. It's something that I learned from my parents as business owners and partners. They have to work together in a marriage as well as in a company, and honesty is key in that. They passed this on to me in everything that I do. With my interest in writing and publishing comes also an interest in copyright. Plagiarism is a crime committed by some, not all, writers, and as someone interested in the publishing industry, it is something I want to fight, and not contribute to.


Microsoft Word/Office
I have been taking typing classes for the majority of my life. Since 2nd grade, I have been using Microsoft Word and have come to love it when I wrote my second and third novel. I know how to navigate it and how to use it without pain.
AP Style

As a Journalism student in high school in a very competitive environment, I had to learn AP style and be quite proficient in it, since I was also helping the editors. Then, in college, in my job working in marketing I write in AP style, and have to give approval to copy, making sure that the style is correct.

Micros Managing System
I know how to do basic ordering on the device, as well as seating arrangements, checks, and credit card purchases.
Final Cut Pro
I use Final Cut Pro to make home films and films for film class. It is a step above Photoshop Premiere and iMovie, and its much more complicated. I love Final Cut Pro X because it is a professional software, that is easy to use once you find your way around the controls.

I mainly learned how to use iMovie to make 'vlogs' on youtube, but then I started using it in filmmaking.

SLR Camera

I have used a Canon T2i Rebel for the past six years in photography, filmmaking, and occasionally in Journalism. I have also taken an extra photography class at Ventura College my Freshman year, just for fun. Because of my experience with the SLR, its easier to control point and shoots as well.

Weebly Web Creator
I use Weebly to create my own website ( and my organization's website ( It is simplistic, but a good skill to have when making a website. I know about buying the URL's and how to transfer them to different suppliers as well.
From my photography class in my second year of high school I learned how to do almost anything on the computer, from pictures I took, to ones from the program. I know how to make the models look airbrushed, or even add make up.


Aug 2014Present

Creative Writing

California State University, Northridge
Aug 2014Present

Honors of English with an emphasis in Literature

California State University, Northridge

Aug 2011Jun 2014


Foothill Technology High School



Kyle Hufnagel

Supervisor at University Student Union at Cal State Northridge.

[email protected]

Current Supervisor

Ellyn Gersh-Lerner

[email protected]

Professor who oversaw the Postmortal Performance Project