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Vegetable Gardening FAQs, by Karen Triggiani Growing vegetables can prove a rewarding experience for all gardeners, from novices to major agricultural producers. Whether one plans to grow a small plot of squash or an entire field of corn, there are a number of factors he or she should take into account to ensure the success of the crop, some of which I have addressed in the following set of answers. Q: How far in advance should I begin working on my vegetable garden? A: Generally speaking, this depends on what you plan to grow, but the short answer is: As soon as possible. Based on your available space and the volume of yield you wish to attain, consider options ranging from container gardens that thrive indoors to square-foot gardening, which involves sectioning off the garden into areas of one square foot each. Q: What should I grow? A: Take the following two factors into account. First, which vegetables do you like to eat? You will be spending time and money on your garden, and you’ll feel more accomplished if you actually enjoy the finished product. Second, which plants thrive well in your specific area and climate? Stick to plants that will grow in your particular situation. Q: Which vegetables thrive most in a container? A: Depending on the size of the container, you can grow just about any vegetable in one. However, as most people use containers to maximize space efficiency, you probably want to focus on plants with short root systems. Such vegetables include most varieties of beans, beets, carrots, garlic, green onions, and lettuce. Q: Does it matter which type of gardening tools I purchase? A: It comes down to cost-effectiveness. Skimping on cost by buying low-quality tools may prove a source of continued frustration if they don’t work properly, but high-end tools may simply not be affordable, especially to the beginning gardener. Keep an eye out for deals on refurbished tools, and try to share with fellow gardeners to ease your financial burden. About the Author: Gardening enthusiast Karen Triggiani holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. For most of the previous decade, she has worked in the healthcare marketing field as a self-employed consultant.

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