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August, 2010: About to launch new website and service!  Stay Tuned!

Executive Technology Summary

Creative and innovative Technology Marketing and Technology Product Development professional with experience specific to the career transitions industry.

Experience includes:

  • Operations
  • International Product Development and Launch
  • Global, Enterprise-level User Environments
  • SEO/SEOM Strategies
  • Global Technology Marketing

Executive-level experience in critical decision-making and product innovation, with emphasis in team collaboration to meet organizational goals.  Highly organized, superior ethics with hands on technology and best practice experience in:

  • Training and Sales Presentation Design
  • Adobe Captivate Training Design
  • Train-the-Trainer Content Development
  • Multi-lingual Application Design/Development
  • Technology Specifications Documentation
  • Safe Harbor Policies and Principles
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Budget Management
  • Enterprise CRM Applications
  • CBL Products and Approaches

Experience includes more than 10 years with outplacement industry world leader in roles of global technology, training product development, end-user/employee training and management, marketing program launch and efficacy analysis, web-based training event management, web-based multi-lingual content creation/management, and SEO program management.

Published writer and dynamic public speaker with complementary skills in major project rollout and management, marketing program design, development and implementation, and global initiative implementation.

Board Member of the ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) Charleston, SC GIG, an ASTD member of the Columbia Midlands ASTD Chapter, and a Business Mentor for the Carolina Youth Development Center.

From Former President of DBM (Drake Beam Morin)

"As our Director of Global Technology Products, Karen Masullo provided exceptional strategic leadership and tactical support in the building of innovative solutions and technologies to meet the needs of DBM career transition clients in 86 countries and in 26 languages.

Karen moved forward courageously at a time when listening to and more effectively servicing the client meant dramatically changing the methodology and delivery of key services.  Her commitment to excellence, sensitivity to all stakeholder’s issues, project management skills, results orientation, and resourcefulness ensured our successful transition."

Sherry Cadorette

Former President, DBM

From Client William Frech

"“Karen is a wonderful person to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable and current in social networking tools and concepts, including promoting individuals, ideas, and companies.

I have enjoyed working with Karen and will continue to do so without hesitation or reservation.”

William Frech, April 5, 2009



Remaining Cheerful while playing very poor golf

Believe me, it's a skill.

Customer Service

I love the Customer. Bottom-line.   I won't lie to you, I won't over-promise, I'll return your call or email promptly, I'll be respectful, I'll give you my best analysis, and I'll find you a resource if I don't know the answer.


I will walk in your shoes. Whether customer, peer, team-mate, friend, or other, I will look at things from your perspective. I'll do it pretty fast though.

Adobe Captivate

I began using Captivate when it was Robo Demo beta, and I've been a fan ever since.  I have a great voice for recording, and enjoy writing the script, recording and producing everything from live web training tutorials to customer presentations.

Sense of Humor

There's no need to get upset.  Fix the problem, learn from it, don't repeat it, and find the humor in it.

Work experience

Work experience

Additional Experience
  • Previous employment includes Owner, Hire Power Resumes, and success in sales and projects covering the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). 
  • Numerous certifications in Career Transition training and workshop facilitation, Separation Management, and Xerox Sales Training
  • Board Member of the ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) Charleston, SC GIG, an ASTD member of the Columbia Midlands ASTD Chapter, and a Business Mentor for the Carolina Youth Development Center.
2007 - Present

Managing Partner/CMO

Willows-Marsh, LLC

Willows-Marsh operates two divisions:

  • Outplacement project management/corporate sponsored individual career transition consulting
  • Technology and Marketing consulting for the Outplacement industry

Outplacement projects include (in strategic partnership with First Sun Consulting of Columbia, SC, an Arbora Global company), successfully managing projects and transitioning candidates from corporate sponsors such as CitiGroup, Talbots, IDEXX, and others. Average candidate transition 9.3 weeks.

Technology consulting projects have included highly successful:

  • Technology Marketing
  • CRM Selection and Management
  • Email Marketing Campaign Management
  • Webinar Development
  • SEO strategies implementation
  • Content Copyrighting
  • HTML Validation
  • Inlink Strategy
  • Webtrends Management
  • Specification and Requirements Documentation
2009 - Present

Director of Social Media
We bring highly experienced senior people to assess the current situation, and with your team, build a plan for value realization and strategic goal alignment.

CandidAdvisors is a completely independent and solution agnostic consulting firm that advises and coaches senior business decision makers in the area of business transformation and change, particularly as it relates to back office and support functions, such as HR, Finance, IT, Customer Care and Procurement.

Whether you are just starting the journey of support services transformation or you are well down the path, CandidAdvisors provides a completely independent, solution agnostic approach.

CandidAdvisors has expertise to help you from leveraging all sourcing strategies - from shared services to outsourcing - including a hybrid solution using the best of all sourcing options.

We aid companies at all stages of the process, from the initial decision through to ensuring the right structures are in place to manage all of the support services relationships in the ever-evolving business world.

2007 - 2009

Technology Marketing Consultant/Acting CMO

First Sun Outplacement
  • SEO Management: Under strict budget, implemented contextual, image, and organic SEO project, and moved company website from zero SERP visibility to number 1 in four major search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask) during 3-month initial project for specific geographic and keyword combination search. 
  • Project has since been scaled back as website re-design project is underway (complete redesign to include new concept, image, and content development), although site maintains #1, 2, and 3 position for MSN and Yahoo, and #2 and 3 Map Local position for Google.
  • With limited budget, achieved on MSN search for the term Corporate Outplacement Consultants and the term Corporate Outplacement Consulting, #7 out of 176,000 and 181,000 respectively.  On MSN search, for term Corporate Outplacement Firms, number 8 spot. 
1996 - 2007

Director Global Product Technology

DBM - Drake Beam Morin

Worldwide global Outplacement and Human Resource Consulting firm - 280+ offices in 86 countries

Positions held: Consultant/Trainer, Webmaster, Manager Web Products, Director Product Innovation

Corporate recognition: One of only three employees (in 32-year history) to receive highest corporate award: "da Vinci Award for Innovation". Recipient of corporate "Star Award" five consecutive years.

Training and Facilitation: Previously rated number one workshop facilitator in Mid-west region. Conducted more than 3500 hours live and web-based employee, separating workforce, and technology end-user training.

Training Event Innovation: Conceived of and implemented first web-based Training Event management approach and Calendaring and Registration management technology application in Outplacement industry in 1999 for 80,000+ users.

Global Product Deployment: Trained and coached European team and moved team out of dated FrontPage application into standard Corporate developed product, reducing labor required to maintain old site while significantly improving membership management and user ease.

New Product Development: assisted in fast-turnaround of new, 8000-plus membership platform creating data management efficiencies for product segment practice. Analyzed and advised on security model, and assisted global team with graphics creation, selection, and management. Trained end-users, and supported education, training and broader use of application. Generated more than 1M in revenue in only 8 months.

Key Customer Web Product Support: Directed team in training and management of 8 diverse Membership websites with more than eighty thousand transient and permanent members annually. Seamlessly transitioned large, legacy senior membership group from dated, unsupported domino-based website to a contemporary, global technology platform creating significant efficiencies for internal employees, while increasing value of product and overall membership participation.

Community Management: Conceived of and implemented first web-based Community training approach and technology application in Outplacement industry in 1997.

Policy: Identified a need for, developed and trained employees on Corporate policy on website standards, policy, privacy, and business process, reducing instances of additional costs related to litigation risk and vendor web development, while re-enforcing branding and content consistency.

Sales Communications: Requested to participate as team member on a variety of high sales-profile, Fortune 100 account presentations related to technology initiatives. Recognized by several Account Executive peers for fast turnaround of presentation support materials for several key presentations.

Account troubleshooting: Instrumental in assisting Sales team with challenging technology requirements for several Global projects for Fortune 50 accounts and major Universities.

Project Acceleration: Directed stalled web platform migration project (stalled for one-year) and completed migration of 64 key accounts from old platform to new in only 2.5 months.

Global Event Application Management: Directed all aspects and functioned as primary resource for Asia Pacific, EU, Latin America, and North America in management, training, troubleshooting, and use of Training Event delivery platform totaling more than 55k seats per year.

Specialized Event Management: Identified a need for, presented concept to business team(s), defined requirements and implemented an integrated New Membership Event Management approach to register new members into ongoing events, significantly reducing labor and IT resources required to maintain separate membership and event applications.



The Ohio State University