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Work History

Jun 2008Present

Assistant Director, Systemwide Transfer Programs & Services

California State University, Chancellor's Office

✔ Part of a core team responsible for the development and implementation of programs, policies and procedures for the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) programs, the result of the Student Transfer Agreement Reform (STAR) Act (aka SB 1440) ✔ Implementation efforts include working with various stakeholders in the CCC and CSU including faculties, admission officers, Transfer Center Directors. ✔ Assist CSU Executive staff in the implemenation of the CSU online concurrent enrollment CourseMatch program, including establishing systemwide articulation agreements, intrasystem electronic transcipt exchange and online course offering information. ✔ Responsible for the day-to-day activities relating to the statewide student transfer programs and policies and activities. ✔ Working with Communication staff created system-wide information to expand CSU and community college partnerships beyond local areas, create collaborative outreach programs and system-wide transfer pathways. Major Accomplished by Year: ▶ 2011-Present: CSU Transfer website at ▶ 2013: Oversaw the development of the SB 1440 Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) eVeriy site. The ADT eVerify system, built on an Oracle platform. The ADT eVerify site is a secure online data collection site for use by the CCC' and CSU campuses. ◘ 2015 – Continued enhancements of the ADT eVerify site. ▶ 2013: Coordinated the design and development of the web application located at ▶ 2014 ADT degree search module at - created with embed codes to allow campuses and community colleges to present the search portal on their websites.



MA.Ed., Educational (Instructional) Technology

Pepperdine University

Graduate School of Education and Psychology 


B.A., Mass Media Communications | Sociology

Western Michigan University

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