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I have been studying technical communication and professional editing throughout my undergraduate education.  I am seeking a starting position in copy editing.


I would like to work in a company:

- located in the state of Virginia

- specializing in editing books, particularly works of literature

- seeking mostly independent-working employees


Aug 2012Dec 2015

Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication

James Madison University

Spring 2015: Document Design- Designed a font using Type Light

Fall 2014: Language, Law and Ethics- Researched legal cases on Lexis Nexis and wrote briefs

Fall 2014: Professional Editing- Copy edited an article on Wikipedia

Fall 2014: Business French- Studied how American and French business cultures interact

Fall 2013: Computer Information Systems- Organized business documents on Microsoft Access

Recent Positions



Arlington Central Library

- Over 100 hours of volunteer work in Youth Services

- Organized books and activities for children (e.g. arts and crafts)

- Mainly consisted of independent work

- Maintained deadlines