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Karen Hansen

Online Science Instructor

Online Science Instructor

Dynamic online classroom instructor having facilitated over 200 courses within 8 years for the University of Phoenix in welcoming high energy engaging environments fueled by the encouragement of critical thought. Consistently achieved high peer-based, student and administrative feedback with oversight scores of 90% or better adhering to social and managerial roles with high technological proficiency and mastery of subject content taught and assessed.

Brought ample successful background and breadth of real life applications into the classroom from related industries such as reporter for CBS, Examiner and other publications; having represented fortune 500 companies such as NRG and Granite Rock; and government agencies such as the United States Geologic Survey, California Forestry Department and United States Census Bureau; as well as mid-sized engineering firms and the natural stone industry; and prestigious research facilities such as Center for Great Lakes and Milwaukee Public Museum.

Effective and memorable communicator comfortable with meeting and working with new people in general and with those of great diversity.



Certified Advanced Senior Facilitator Natural Sciences           

University of Phoenix, Nationwide Online Phoenix, Arizona

Classroom Management

  • Facilitated 100, 200 and 300 level science courses in these modalities: On-ground, Flex Net, and On-line having created supportive environments for learning such as ensuring efficacy of posts for example, by overseeing origin of research used to post in the classroom be from academic journals. Fostered good student relations and employed careful listening before responding to student’s needs employing conflict resolution skills to maintain an orderly learning environment.
  • Developed lectures and handouts that included the basic practices, research, and specialized materials to both follow along with for reference during and after class.
  • Insured the facilitation of courses consistently met all University of Phoenix standards and educational policies and procedures including the creation of grading rubrics, class rules, manuscript guidelines as well as student handbook and faculty handbook best practices as instructed during regular re-certification including the interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain positive working relationships with internal and external constituents such as FERPA, plagiarism, classroom behavior and tone met all University of Phoenix standards including the creation of grading rubrics, class materials and manuscript guidelines for papers submitted per the American Psychologic Association- APA.
  • Participated in workshops for lifelong learning to keep up to date for the classroom while also having brainstormed through creative processes to reach students where they are and bring them along to meet content. Taught within the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences with an emphasis on the Geologic and Environmental Sciences. Passed required security and background checks, regular audits, certifications to date.
  • A significant duty was to assess student performance, providing detailed critical feedback utilizing line item specific grading rubrics per assignment, as well as weekly and final course comments.

Mastery of Subject Matter

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Environmental Science Ethics SCI/362 
    • 32 sections, 3rd quarter 2006 thru 2nd quarter, 2009
  • People, Science, and the Environment, SCI/256
    • 6 sections, 3rd thru 4th quarters 2007
  • Physical Geology GLG/220 online
    • 4 sections, 2nd quarter 2013 thru 4th quarter 2013
  • Human Nutrition SCI/220 online
    • 35 sections, 2nd quarter 2006 thru 2nd quarter 2008
  • Introduction to Life Sciences SCI/160
    • 12 sections, 2nd quarter 2006 thru 3rd quarter 2007
  • Exploration of Earth Science GLG/150 CA BSLS
    • 4 sections, 2nd quarter 2013 thru 4th quarter 2013
  • Intro to Life Science with Lab SCI/100
    • 15 sections, 4th quarter 2006 thru 3rd quarter 2008

Associates Courses:

  • Environmental Science SCI/275
    • 114 sections, 4th quarter 2006 thru the 3rd quarter of 2010
  • Geology SCI/245 online
    • 36 sections, 3rd quarter 2009 thru 4th quarter 2012
  • Biology BIO/100
    • 2 sections, 2nd and 3rd quarters 2010


Advanced Certification Online Instructor

University of Phoenix 

Phoenix, Arizona

Certificate Office Administrator

Tech Skills of California

Sacramento, California

Master of Science

University of California

Santa Cruz, California

Bachelor of Science

University of Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Green Operations Course

California State University 

Sacramento, California


Software: Proprietary online classroom software and instructor forums and chat rooms. Social media facilitator and monitor.  Independent Course Tech Skills of California Grade A: Quick books Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Photoshop, MS Windows Movie Maker Web software: Weebly, Wix Proficient Facebook, Twitter, Linked In

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Specialized knowledge bases applied


License 8170587: Microsoft Office Specialist Word, Outlook , PowerPoint, Excel


Microsoft Office Specialist Word, Outlook , PowerPoint, Excel