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Fluency in English and Arabic

Beginner in French

Studied Korean language in Busan in Summer of 2012

MultiCultural Awareness in Business

Busan, South Korea -

Awarded a full scholarship to do a one-of-a-kind exchange program in Busan, South Korea. Exposed to Korean people, Korean business mentality and indulged in Korean and Far Eastern cultures. Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Studied Business Administration for 2 years in the American University of Sharjah based near Dubai, before transferring to Dublin, Ireland to get exposed to European business. Extremely aware and conscious of the Arab culture and mindset, and the different psychological marketing approaches having lived in Cairo, Egypt for 6 years and the Emirates for 4 years, specifically Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Dublin, Ireland Currently where I am living and towards the completion of my BSc with honours in marketing in the Dublin Institute of technology, where I have commenced planning for our disertation on an advanced marketing issue of our selection due in order to achieve honorary status with my bachelors degree. Toronto, Canada Completed an exchange program in the prestigious Ted Rogers School of Management in Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, where I specialized in management of innovation and identifying new business opportunities. 

Business Achievements

  • -Devised and led a team of students to complete a competitor analysis and marketing strategy plan for Gillette in Ireland and gave a formal presntation.
  • -Completed a sales shadow and a detailed review of sales and marketing activities along with reccomendations forSam P.O.S. & Computers, the leader in the P.O.S (Point of Sales) market in Ireland, supplying very prominent retailers such as Spar and Euro General.
  • -Worked diligently as part of a team to complete a marketing and sales strategy for one of Donnelly the biggest market suppliers for fresh Irish produce, and gave a creative presentation in the form of a theatrical act.


Website Design
  Created websites for various clients, including an ebay-style website and an online magazine website.    Creations: - Online trading website - Online self-help magazine  
Graphic Designand Image Enhancing
  4 years Experience in dealing with Graphics Design. Studied Digital Media academically in the College of Design in the American University of Sharjah near Dubai. Have completed graphic solutions for:   logos websites,  flyers, advertisements  posters online media image correction various artistic jobs  
Excellent Communication Skills
Strong passion and understanding of social communication and leadership across different cultures especially the Arab, Western, and Far Eastern cultures and mentalities having lived in all 3 of those areas.   Founded an Online Self-help Magazine -Lead a team of 16 individuals mostly based in Dubai, with others from the UK and the US in managing and creating an online self-help magazine for college students and graduates titled the Fortnight Fix (currently undergoing new additions). Conducted Social Communication Workshops -conducted social communication workshops in University College Dublin to help students maximize their social influence and be more successful.  
Composing Music and Playing Guitar
  Proficiency and extreme passion for music especially in composing music for instrumental blues and rock guitar.   -Worked with Musicians from Egypt, Spain, and Canada to create a music album, titled Lyrics Not Included as it is a solo guitar album. The recording of this album has taken place in Dubai, Toronto, and Dublin. The EP is now available for download from and from  


Sep 2011Present

BSc with Honours

Dublin Institute of Technology

Completed the following courses through firm understanding and application

-Managerial Accounting

-Social Science and Psychology 1 and 2


-International Marketing

-Cultural Studies


-Sales Management

-Marketing Management

-Communications II

-Information Systems

-Marketing Research

-Management and Strategy

By May 2013, will have completed

-Strategic Marketing

-Consumer Behavior

-Research Methods

-Financial Analysis

-Marketing Communications

-Marketing Analysis

Sep 2012Present

Exchange Semester

Ryerson University (Ted Rogers School of Management)

Was awarded the chance to travel to Toronto, Canada and study in the prestigious Ted Rogers School of Management after displaying outstanding academic performance in my DIT program which made me eligible for this opportunity. I completed a 4-month semester there and have successfully completed  the following subjects there, finishing with an honourable CGPA of 3.0 overall

-Management of Innovation

-Identifying Opportunities

-Operations Management

-Human Resource Management

Jun 2012Jul 2012

Cultural Exchange Semester

Pukyong National University

Awarded a full scholarship to attend an exchange cultural semester in Pukyong National University in Busan, South Korea where a month was spent understanding and truly experiencing the Korean culture, traditions, norms, and the business mentality that is adopted there.

Sep 2009May 2011


American University of Sharjah

Began My Business degree in the American University of Sharjah, and after completing 2 years, I had the opportunity to transfer to Dublin, Ireland and continue my education there.

Courses that I studied, completed, and applied:



-Financial Accounting

-Managerial Accounting



-Jazz Studies

-Digital Media

-Public Speaking

-Research Writing