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B.Sc. , Petroleum Engineering

Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering - Suez University

  • Grade : Very Good with Honor Degree (GPA  79.5 %)
  • Graduation Project : Evaluation of Raml Field - Complete Analysis Including Drilling ,Reservoir                                                    ,Production ,Geology and Well Logging Analysis.  (Grade : Very Good)


Aug 2013

PETROBEL (BelayimPetroleum Company)

Abu Rudis

Completed a detailed training program that involved knowledge of Drilling, Casing,

Cementing, Tripping, and pressure testing operations.

Jul 2013

Bapetco ( Badr petroleum company)

Badr 3 Field - Western Desert 

Completed a detailed training program that involved knowledge of directional drilling,

hole casing, cementing, mud system, reservoir, production, and perforation.

Jun 2013

SUCO (Suez petroleum company)

Ras Fanar Field - Gulf of Suez

Completed a detailed training program that involved knowledge of Production

and Artificial Lift methods.

Aug 2012

Zeitco (East Zeit Petroleum Company)

Al-Maadi, Cairo

Completed a detailed office training program that involved knowledge of drilling program, 

reports , drilling operations.

Field Trips

  • Field trip in West Bakr petroleum company – Gulf of Suez – Egypt                                      Feb 2013

  pcp pump , sucker rod pump , workover operations.

  • Schlumberger yard trip – Al-Katameya – Egypt                                                                         Nov 2013

  wireline truck , logging tools.


  • Drilling optimization course                                          

     Oil and Gas Skills (OGS) – Cairo                                                                                               Mar 2013

  • Artificial Lift course                                                                    

     Schlumberger - Cairo                                                                                                               Feb 2014

  • Reservoir Geomechanics                                        

     Stanford University (Online course)                                                                                       June 2014

  • Introduction to Comuter Science                       

      Stanford University (Online course)                                                                                      Aug 2014     

  • American Language Conversation Course    

       Ministry of Defense language institute (MODLI)                                                                 July 2014

  • Introduction to Running Pipe in Oil and Gas Wells 

      Tenaris University (Online course )                                                                                        Oct 2015


Language Skills
  • Arabic : Native
  • English : Professional
Computer Skills

Microsoft Office (Word - Excel - Power Point)

Programming Languages (HTML - Java script)

Conferences and Workshops

  • International Petroleum and Geoscience Conference IPGC                                                Sep 2014 
  • Introduction to Well Cementing Operations & Procedures -SPE -Cairo                            Dec 2014 
  • HPHT drilling workshop – SPE British University – Cairo                                                      Mar 2014 
  • Petrodara school (production methods) – Cairo                                                                    May 2013
  • Rashpetco school (field development plan) – Cairo                                                               Nov 2013
  • Career Coaching ( SPE - AAPG- STUDENT UNION)- Suez University                                    Mar 2013


  • Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) .
  • Egyptian Engineers Syndicate.
  • Federation of Arab Engineers.
  • Life Makers Foundation.