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Karan Pinto

Growth & Innovation | Entrepreneur | Inzenka | UCL


A driven, entrepreneurial individual who thrives in challenging environments where he can constantly evolve by solving multi-disciplinary technical and business problems to deliver value.

Karan has a strong foundation in first principles in Engineering and Finance, graduating with a first class Honors in Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance from University College London (UCL). He also has a strong foundation in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

The entrepreneur inside him enjoys trying to build ideas and this has helped him gain a grip on not only management and operation aspects of small businesses but also has allowed him to dive into graphic design, marketing and branding. He works to bring this unconventional knowledge, versatile perspective and value-driven ambition to every endeavor he engages in. The end-product of his work as a co-founder of these projects can be seen below:
★ The Gregory London – A watch company
★ The Mario Jude - A vape company
★ The Bombay Cutting - An art organization

On his path, he has constantly solved problems and found new approaches to doing things, whether it was building market research models at an online marketplace for office space (Hubble), design assembling self-driving Formula E race cars (Roborace), resolving bugs on a social media advocacy platform (SoAmpli) or satisfying customers at an outdoor cinema (Luna Cinema).

He has also worked at Accenture, harnessing emerging technologies (Blockchain, IOT, Extended Realities) & disruptive innovation to drive business transformations.

He enjoys dance, data, trading, writing, film and fitness.


Artificial INtelligence Nanodegree


Karan has successfully completed Udacity's (in cooperation with IBM Watson and Amazon Alexa) Nanodegree in Artificial Intelligence program, that covers areas such as Search & Optimisation, Logic Reasoning & Planning, Building Models of Probability, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision.

BEng Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance

University College London
Sep 2013Jun 2017

Overall - Achieved First

First and Second Year - Achieved First 

The Engineering with Business Finance degree programme equips me with a bonafide understanding of economics, accounting and business practice.

The BEng (Hons) will let me attain the exemplifying academic benchmark requirements for registration as an Incorporated Engineer (IEng).

Training will enable me for employment in the fields of commerce, banking and management consultancy and enabling me to shoulder significant managerial and technical responsibility at an early stage in my career by including significant elements of computing and management studies.

The following modules are being studied to gain a wide spectrum of knowledge along with develop specialisations:

Engineering Modules:
Integrated Engineering, Design and Professional Skills, Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Dynamics, Fundamentals of Materials,

Business Finance Modules:
Accounting for Business, Managerial Accounting, Business Economics, Corporate Financial Strategy.

Higher Secondary School Certificate

Jun 2011Jun 2014

Overall- 87.16%

The main subjects I underwent intense training in for the IIT JEE and Board exams included Further Mathematics, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry and Physics

Over two year I specialised in Computer Science & Electrical Maintenance.
Computer Science: C++ and Visual Basic.
Electrical Maintenance: Hands on work and theory on the technicalities and functioning of electrical circuits and devices like irons,fans,heaters and motors.

Secondary School Certificate

St. Stanislaus High School
Jun 2001Jun 2011

Overall - 93.45%

Main Subjects: Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English, Marathi, Hindi.

I completed my primary and secondary school education at St. Stanislaus High School, which was founded in 1863 as an orphanage and has risen to become one of the leading educational institutions affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Education in Mumbai, India. The school is run by the Fathers and Brothers of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), a religious congregation internationally known for their educational work.

I gained an intellectual education through the application of subjects like Mathematics, Science, Economics and Humanities. My school life was filled with enriching experiences involving art,dramatics,sport and religion.

Work History

Growth & Innovation


Inzenka is a growth and innovation consultancy that identifes, builds and launches commercially successful new ventures and propositions for the world’s biggest and most exciting companies. Inzenka specialise in harnessing disruptive innovation and delivering breakthrough growth. Over the past 12 years, Inzenka has developed and launched more than a 100 new propositions.

Inzenka, now a Sia Partners Company, helps clients develop and deliver new customer propositions and ventures that gain early momentum, rapid market traction and drive new revenues. Starting with just a theme or an idea, Inzenka helps clients through each stage of the process – including market analysis, idea generation, proposition development, business cases, proofs of concept, MVPs, pilots, launch and scale.

Inzenka deliver projects across all key sectors, including energy, healthcare, defence, high-tech, financial services and telecommunications. Much of our work also involves close collaboration with start-ups. Inzneka is always looking at what’s next – from smart cities to autonomous vehicles, emerging health tech, quantified self, the future of conflict.

bUSINESS & Technology Integration aSSOCIATE

July 2017PRESENT

I am currently an Associate at Accenture Technology,, helping our clients deliver business transformation programmes through the design, building and testing of strategic solutions ready for implementation. 

Overall, I have been part of a team that develops, deploys and maintains the systems that utilise technology as an enabler to solve business problems.

Innovation Hub Lead Role: I officially set up and ran the most successful theme refresh ever. I conducted 118 tours (43% client) with the commercial team for very senior client representatives, engaged with 1157 visitors (31% client) and showcased at 12 distinct high-profile events like CBI and Wired, in just three months. 

My Engineering and Business Finance background coupled with my ability to think from first principles, enabled me to simply communicate the value of technical innovations and explain their workings at a high level through relatable analogies. This was acknowledged with positive feedback from several managing directors and clients at Accenture. 

I was also involved in co-creating/collaborating with clients and this work was based on the 3 pillars of Accenture’s Innovation Programme (an incubator), namely

  • Ideation – In design thinking workshops and ideation sessions, identifying root causes and plotting potential roadmaps.
  •  Concept Development – In analysing User Desirability, Business Viability and Technical Feasibility and guiding the initial stages of solution definition. 
  • Hot House – In agile testing, assisting the remote technology teams as well as demoing of the proof of concepts.

Finance Analyst and Developer Role: In the Global DevOps team,  I conduct project management and development activities for 2 Global Initiatives like:

  • Handling the budgets and managing priorities 
  • Creating Power Bi Visualization using statistics based on global source data
  • Building a Chatbot

Founding Member of UCL Entrepreneurs | Moonshot Launchpad | Science & Technology Innovation

JUNE 2016JULY 2017

I was a founding member and manager of UCL Entrepreneurs - Moonshot Launchpad, a student run innovation programme and pre-accelerator focused on helping students test the commercial viability of early stage science and technology ideas.

My role included helping build a self-sustainable ecosystem of innovation in engineering & technology where breakthrough projects could be grown and helping to craft the challenges alongside stakeholders like Med City and UCL Engineering to engender ideas & solutions. 

I also evaluated start-ups for investment, conducted thematic research, and organised committee events. 

Team Member | Shell Eco-marathon | Automotive Design | Environmental Technology & Engineering

SEP 2016JUN 2017

I was a member of UCL’s entry (Hydrone) into the Shell Eco-marathon for Europe (2017) – a unique global competition that challenges student teams to create the ultimate energy-efficient vehicle. 

Gaining hands-on experience working on a project of an environmental, economic and social nature at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, my contribution included:

★ Designing, building & testing a telemetry and closed loop control system to inform an optimum driving strategy via the creation of a driver dashboard

★ Creating a system including on track position, a speedometer and vehicle super capacitor status indicator using a Raspberry Pi with Python and Tkinter for the GUI.

★ Conducting investigative reporting with analytical, numerical design and experimental elements.

Race Car Design Assemblage Engineer | Automotive

AUG 2016OcT 2016

Charge assembled the design of the autonomous Formula E car for the world’s first driverless racing series - Roborace. 

As a design assemblage engineer, I worked with the vehicle design team to gain a strong understanding of the components and then created a customer build manual using Solidworks Composure. I also built a race car bill of materials after analysing the design and evaluating the components.

Co-founder | Product Design | Business Strategy & Operations | Digital Sales & Marketing

JUN 2016JUN 2017

I created 'The Gregory', a range of simplistic multi-purpose watches, and built a timepiece business, which exploited a gap in the market for an affordable but elegant timepiece.

As director, I operated the online store to ensure a bug free and aesthetically pleasing transaction experience, increased customer sales and managed operations including preparing sales reports, writing purchase orders, and conducting regular inventories.


jAN 2017JAN 2018

A movement to drive change by amalgamating 'artistic expression' with 'social & cultural impact'

'The Bombay Cutting' aims to empower artists with the creative freedom to boundlessly express themselves through the creation and interpretation of art with no existence of judgement.
'The Cutting' has been brought to life by artists, who live & love Bombay in India, and who are lovers of cutting chai, a local indulgence of sweet, incredibly strong tea.
It is a product of restlessness, instigated by events, existent in the present setting, that the artists find hard to comprehend, coupled with the wonder of how beauty projects from the hackneyed.


The Mario Jude
JUNE 2017jAN 2018

Built a vaping company for smokers with the best selection of top quality products that resonate the olden day cigar-esque class and exemplify elegance whilst being simple to use and affordable to purchase.

The Mario Jude is a by-product of our passion for engineering and our drive to add value to the lives of people. We have built this company with chutzpah, on the principles we admire in people and companies that defy to change the direction of the tide!

UnlimITed Workshop - UK Delegate

The Boston Consulting Group
October 2016October 2016

Was one of the 50 top students from universities in Europe and the Middle East to work together with BCG consultants from their Technology Advantage practice to scrutinize the operational processes of one of their clients and identify the impact of technology-driven improvements.

Explored approaches to improve strategic performance by renewing IT infrastructure, leveraging IT suppliers, reducing complexity from the product portfolio, and driving digital innovation.

Learnt the methodologies and approach of the world's leading strategy consultancy.

Business Development/ Customer Acquisition

My Virtual Arena
SEP 2016JAN 2017

My Virtual Arena (MVA), gives you the closest possible alternative to being physically present, by live streaming in Virtual Reality giving you an enriching holistic experience.

It fills the existing missing link between being physically present at a live event and watching videos of it on the internet. As it is not live and the viewing experience is pre- controlled, the beauty of the art is lost/dampened in transition.

MVA invites you to be among the first few in the world to shoot and live-stream in Virtual Reality, handling everything from filming, streaming and marketing!

The Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur

Greater London Authority
August 2016June 2017

The Low Carbon Entrepreneur is a competition run by the Mayor of London and sponsored by Citi Foundation to find fresh new ideas to cut carbon emissions and give students employability skills.

I was selected as one of fifteen interns tasked with ensuring that students across London were aware of the competition and to help shape the competition so that it continued to support students taking their first step towards becoming entrepreneurs. 

Team Member

May 2016Present

I have worked part time in various back and front of house at a myriad of street kitchens, markets, festivals and events all over the UK.

These experiences have taught me how to ensure customer satisfaction, adapt and adjust to dynamic changes, quickly upskill when needed and work long hours efficiently.

Cofounder | Digital Innovation | Business Strategy & Development | Finance & Operations

May 2016Present

In July 2016 I co-founded, YesJarvis, a digital butler service designed to save busy working people time, hassle and energy. 

Since this was a startup, I was necessarily involved in all aspects of operating a small business, including:
★ Planning, development and opening of new company
★ Designing the front-end user experience, website interface, marketing leaflets and digital content 
★ Pitching the business to investors at UCL Innovation & Enterprise and managing minimal viable product architecture. 
★ Handling daily financials & operational tasks as well as engaging in customer acquisition and retention services. 

Research & Design | Real Estate | Digital Platform

Jul 2015Jan 2016

I participated in an intensive market research project for this online marketplace for commercial rental space, to propel Series A fundraising efforts. Research and analysis covered global office space availability and utility, changing nature of work and corporations, and imminent disruption of the age old real estate sector. 

Responsibilities included:
★ Capturing data sets
★ Analysing reports and collating market insights 
★ Designing marketing advertisements, formatting presentation decks, writing blog posts
★ Implementing customer relationship strategies and capping business leakage.

Investment Banking Academy

SEO London
Sep 2015Oct 2015

★ Gained in depth knowledge of the functions of Investment Banking.

★ Engaged in trading games and commercial awareness discussions.

★ Studied the the fundamental processes and valuation techniques involved in M&A.

Investment Banker Weekend

Oct 2015Oct 2015

★ Participated in case studies based on sales and trading, investment banking and corporate finance with senior bankers from bulge bracket firms to gain an insight into the finance macrocosm.

★ Understood the functions of Investment Banking by engaging in trading games, commercial awareness discussions and studying the fundamental processes and valuation techniques involved in M&A.

Team Member | Customer Service |Event Management

Luna Cinema
Jul 2015Sep 2015

Working as part of a team my responsibilities encompassed customer assistance and interaction, brand and customer relationship management, entertainment assurance, arena organisation and barman.


IDEA London - SoAmpli
Jun 2015Aug 2015

★ Consulted the customer's website user experience.
★ Resolved customer difficulties with the platform.
★ Automated back end sales processes.
★ Constructed prospect data sheets.
★ Ensured quality assurance via bug elimination.

Business Development Intern

Black Ocean Labs - Kite
May 2015Jul 2015

Optimised business development processes.

Experimented with growth hacking techniques.

Identified and captured potential prospects by delving into the printing and photography application and service world to collate clients sales lists.

Explored the gap between the digital and physical world and immensely varied possibilities surrounding monetisation of digital imagery.

Student Brand Ambassador

Seed Marketing Agency
Sep 2014Dec 2014

Marketed and Organised events for brands like Super Dry and Spotify. 

Built an attractive image to promote the brands through social media and public interaction.


NHS Hornsey
Nov 2013Dec 2013

Computerised data and records entry and revamped the filing system. 

Worked as a receptionist and attended to patients.

Key Info

EU Citizen with a Portuguese Passport 

UK National Insurance Number - SR409544A


Interests and Hobbies:

Dancer and Choreographer (contemporary and jazz funk), movement culture, acoustic guitar, theatre, fitness, energy, cricket, rock climbing, tutoring


General Analysis, Evaluation & Presentation - Microsoft Office Suite, Power BI, Qlik.

UX, UI & Graphic Design and Prototyping - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Axure RP, Sketch. 

3D Design, Analysis & Evaluation - Catia, CES Edupack, Ansys CFX, SolidWorks Composure, SolidWorks,

Web Design & Coding - Content Management Systems ( Word Press, Shopify, Wix), HTML, CSS.

Data Science - Python and Matlab.


Head Prefect: Elected from and by 2000 students to lead the school council cabinet. Represented the students, and created an encouraging and motivating environment.

Captain: School Cricket Team in India for 4 years running 


Reach Out – Mentoring underprivileged school children  

Dance It – UCLU Volunteering Initiative – Teaching school children dance

Open House – Soup Kitchen – Serving the homeless 

Extra curriculars

Discovery Learning : Level 2 Gym Instructor


Inorder to further my fitness knowledge, I have obtained proficiency for in the following 6 units:

★ Anatomy & Physiology
★ Principles of Exercise and Health
★ Maintaining Health, Safety and Welfare in Fitness Environments
★ Programming Safe and Effective Exercises
★ Instructing Safe and Effective Exercises
★ Supporting Your Client to Adhere to Exercise

Professional Entertainer and Dancer

Club de Fromage

Traveling and performing at festivals like Glastonbury.

Tour Guide

Kuoni Group Travel Experts

I conducted tours of London life, culture and landmarks for Japanese international students. 

This was an enriching experience where I could share my experiences and knowledge of the city with the students. It was challenging as it forced me to simply communicate my stories and thoughts to the students as they did not understand any English.



Tutoring foundation level students who are trying to get into a university in Mathematics and Physics

Tough Mudder Fundraiser

Teenage Cancer Trust
Jun 2015Oct 2015

Running the Tough Mudder London South to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust and increase awareness of the importance of fitness.

Dance Teacher

DanceIt UCLU Volunteering Initiative
Jan 2015Jun 2015

Taught school children to discover their artistic talents, express themselves and enhance their stage confidence.


Reach Out UK
Sep 2014May 2015

Volunteered as a mentor to disadvantaged children in deprived communities to raise aspirations and help them grow in character and competence improving young people's Numeracy, Literacy and Communication skills while supporting their development of good character in line with Reach Out's 4 virtues of Fairness, Self-Control, Good Judgment and Staying Power.

Worked towards making a real impact on my community and to give my children the confidence and skills needed for a brighter future.

Global Leadership Programme

Common Purpose
Apr 2015Apr 2015

Worked with mentors at BP global headquarters to devise product solutions to alleviate city sprawl.
Attained cultural intelligence enabling me to work in diverse environments whilst
Honed Leadership approaches and strategies.

Enterprise Bootcamp

UCL Advances
Feb 2015Feb 2015

Learnt the fundamentals and technicalities of the modern business world by pitching experimental business ideas, created business plans and identifying disruption as well improvisation opportunities across a spectrum of industries

Papers, Projects & Presentations

Click to view 


UCL Business Game

Operations Challenge
Presented a strategy for the restructuring of internal firm processes to increase efficiency/profitability/market share.
Analysed intrinsic data, market information and initiatives launched by competitors.

Marketing Challenge
Designed a strategy to increase the market presence of the firm.
Analysed various potential approaches and initiatives, seeking profitable new market segments and the products which could fill them, based on intrinsic and extrinsic data.

Technology Challenge

Developed a technological solution for a key real-world issue.
Evaluated various potential approaches on solving the challenge in order to provide the best solution to the task at hand.

Product Launch Challenge
Pitched a strategy for the successful entry of a new product/service into the market.
Analysed internal firm data, the monetary and technological viability of the new product, as well as market information on competitors.

UCL Global Citizenship Programme - Enterprise Strand

A two-week programme that challenged our team to come up with an innovative answer to one of today's global social problems – obesity, access to clean water, global warming, ageing population or youth unemployment. 

Worked in a team o to create our own socially responsible enterprise that took a novel approach to tackling these social issues. 

How to Change The World Programme - UCL STEaPP

A two-week programme that brings engineering students together from all disciplines to address some of the toughest of global problems, to work with others to change the world for the better; to solve problems through innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, and to prosper in the global employment market. 

It is a specialist element of UCL’s Global Citizenship Programme designed to engage engineering students with global challenges.

  • Demonstrated leadership with an awareness of social, ethical and political responsibility
  • Look beyond my individual and local interests and see the complexity of an interconnected world.
  • Understand the nature of the challenges that face that world
  • Be aware of my social, ethical and political responsibilities
  • Display leadership and work together to change the world for the better
  • Form novel solutions to global social problems like obesity, access to clean water, global warming, aging population and youth unemployment  through innovation and entrepreneurship

Won an award in the Corporate Finance category at UCL DECA, the only Collegiate DECA event in Europe, where I tackled business case studies and received performance feedback from industry professionals.
I participated in the the Strategy Consulting and Corporate Finance Category

Coffee & Conversations with Karan

Host my own fortnightly radio show on UCLU Rare FM.

The purpose of the show is to spark intriguing conversations, uncover ordinary people, explore thoughts, dissect ideas, share experiences that provide relaxing and enriching entertainment.

IMechE Challenge

Engineered a pipe climbing device from scratch which climbed a pole and down in 10.4s.
Engaged in hands on work involving rigorous prototyping and continuos innovation.

Global Health Challenge

A multi-disciplinary engineering project to propose a solution to reduce the deaths due to tuberculosis in Uganda.

Spearhead the joint Civil and Mechanical Engineering team and successfully devised the hydroelectric power plant and clean water aspect of the project.

A hypothetical model was built scaling down the real calculations deduced using flow rate, head, water quality and topographical metrics.

Sustainable Energy Challenge

Executed the design cycle effectively to provide a sustainable solution to enable slum children to study during the night for 4 hours after daylight had faded in Kolkata, India.

The solution involved a solar-kinetic backpack worn by a child during the day to collate the solar energy and kinetic energy and store it in a battery which would be transferred to a headband light. The resulting product effectively met the need lighting requirements.

Personal Development

This is a collation of my passion for dance, art, theater, music, writing and change driving initiatives