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Karam Al-Shorbassi

Megaprojects & Smart Cities Expert


               A dedicated and dynamic individual having over 14 years of professional expertise in Telecom, ICT, Broadcasting, Control and ELV Systems, Services and Projects. During my career, I've participated-in and managed projects and megaprojects in various disciplines with values ranging up to $1 billion.

               I have an extensive experience in leading and managing multidisciplinary teams of 100+ direct and indirect staff to achieve organization's goals and deliver value, even while working with crashed timelines.

               Based on my working experience as well as the academic knowledge I gained during my  Masters degree, I've developed a decision-making style that combines both “The Art” and “The Science”. This was evident to be vital in various critical situations, especially in megaprojects, where decision can shape and even determine the future of that megaproject.

               I'm an organization-oriented and team-player who strives for excellence, focuses on customers, drives for sustainable and profitable growth, looks to problems as opportunities for improvement, and perceives challenges as driver for innovation.

               With my excellent communication and negotiation skills clubbed with my professional and assertive approach, I'm very comfortable in interacting with internal and external stakeholders at all levels, and it is my daily routine to dealing with customers, vendors, suppliers, and governmental institutes and agencies at all situations. Being profound public speaker, I've represented my employers as a delegate and speaker in various prestigious events, conferences and forums.

               I'm seeking for more challenging opportunity in a dynamic organization, where I can fully utilize and further enhance my skills and capabilities and contribute to the success of your organization.

Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Manager, Megaprojects & Smart Cities Solutions

Ooredoo Qatar

Key Responsibilities

  • Head Ooredoo's Megaprojects Presales & Solutions team to develop 
    • Integrated solutions supporting both telecom & ICT applications for Smart Cities, Real Estate, Transportation, Infrastructure, Utilities, and Entertainment applications that consists of
      • Cloud-Based Tier 3 and Tier 4 Datacenters
      • Fully Integrated Optical Fiber Infrastructure
      • Integration and Management Platform
    • Smart Services based on IoT concept such as
      • Physical and Cyber Security Solutions (CCTV, ACS, DR, Unified Identity, Hosted Anti-DDOS)
      • Smart Buildings (Smart Home, iBMS, Smart Offices)
      • Smart Wi-Fi (Guest Management, Enterprise Applications, IoT Applications, Mobile Network Offloading)
      • Energy Management Solutions (Smart Grid, Smart Metering, Water Management, Irrigation Control)
      • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Traffic Management
      • SCADA Systems (Waste Management, District Cooling, Foul and Storm Water Management, Tunnel Management)
  • Lead and and participate in establishing Ooredoo's Megaprojects processes and practices such as "Solution Development Processes", "Presales and Business Development Processes", "Bids and Proposals Processes", "Method Statements", "Infrastructure Design Guidelines", "Services Integration Guides", "Document Control Process", "Quality Control Process", "Communication Protocols and Escalation Plans" that comply to industry standards, industry best practices, and country laws
  • Coordinate the efforts of multidisciplinary teams across the organization to achieve the company goals.
  • Qualify, select, work with and coordinated the efforts of multinational partners, suppliers and vendors in developing Megaprojects Solutions that meet business goals and satisfy customer needs. Examples of such partners are Cisco, IBM, HP, Schneider, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, Thales, EMC, Ericsson, and Motorola to name few.

Key Achievements

  • Key participant in the development of the "Megaprojects Practice Guide" within Ooredoo Qatar. This covers all the stages of the Megaproject lifecycle starting with the first interaction with the customer, moving to requirement gathering and solution development, proposal preparation and submission, through the delivery of the Megaproject, and up to operational phase.
  • Lead a team that developed the first "Smart City Guidelines" in Qatar
  • Lead a team that developed the first "Smart City Strategy" in Qatar
  • Lead a team that designed the first "Smart City Command and Control Center" in Qatar
  • Lead a team that designed the first "Smart City Integration Platform" in Qatar
  • Lead a team that designed and deployed the first "Integrated Access Network" in Qatar
  • Lead a team that designed the first "Multi-Services Fully Integrated IBS" in Qatar
  • Lead a team that prepared and submitted proposals for megaprojects with values exceeding QAR2 Billions in less than 3 years.
Sep 2009Aug 2012

Lead Engineer - Access & Transport Network Design

Ooredoo Qatar

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead FTTx Program Design Team (project value of QAR600 million)
    • Project Manager for 5 green field FTTx projects (total of 28k connections),
  • Master-planner of Mobile Backbone Network and OTN.
  • Inter-operators Interface Manager (Ooredoo & QNBN)
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Network Inventory (GIS)
  • Lead the Design Team of Ooredoo Fiber Project “Fiber-To-The-x” (FTTx) Phase 1. This includes:
    • provide FTTx connections and services to 140,000 households and businesses in Qatar,
    • manage the design team (Ooredoo, vendor and outsourced contractor staff),
    • Control Costs of Civil Infrastructure works related to FTTx Phase 1 project to be within the assigned budget,
    • Coordinate with all stakeholders/sections/departments to smooth the design of the new network,
    • Train designers on the new technology and how to make the designs, and
    • takeover some the project manager responsibilities while on leave.
  • Project Manager of 5 green field FTTx project:
    • Barwa City “BCY” (6,000 customers),
    • Barwa Commercial Avenue “BCA” (2,000 customers),
    • The Pearl Qatar “TPQ” (20,000 customers),
    • Lusail Project (50,000 customers), and
    • Al-Gassar Resort “First Fully FTTH Tower in Qatar” (500 customers).
  • Member of Qtel team to support Q.NBN infrastructure leasing agreement.
  • Design Fiber networks to provide services to:
    • Ooredoo Core Network (Exchanges & Mobile sites), and
    • VIP & key customers.
  • SME in “Ooredoo Network Inventory” project to implement Telcordia Granite and Telcordia Common Language (CL), and
  • Prepare and Evaluate tenders related to FTTx and other fiber elements.

Key Achievements

May 2002Aug 2009

Engineer - Access & Transport Network Rollout

Ooredoo Qatar

Key Responsibilities

  • Supervise external Copper & Fiber network installation for key customers and mission critical projects carried out by third-party contractors,
  • Manage the projects in both aspects; technical & financial,
    Coordinate with other departments to complete project and provide services on a timely manner,
  • Train new staff & contractors on Copper & Fiber Optic installation techniques & technologies,
  • Prepare and Evaluate tenders for copper & fiber network elements,
    GIS Subject Matter Expert for issues related to External Network Department,
  • Member of Contractors Qualification Program, and
  • Member of QC team (evaluate newly purchased equipment & materials for the use in access network).

Key Achievements

  • Successful roll-out of dozens of Projects such as West Asian Games Doha2005, DOHA2006 Asian games, DWDM Network, MPLS Network, SDH Expansion, 3G Expansion (phase 3 & 4), and Submarine Cables.
  • Member of digitization project of Network Inventory (GIS) from “Paper Based” to “Electronic Based”.
Oct 2001Apr 2002

Engineer - Central Apparatus Room

Qatar Television

Key Responsibilities

  • Operate, maintain and troubleshoot all equipment in CAR,
  • Operate, maintain and troubleshoot all equipment in studios, and
  • Supervise new installations

Key Achievements

  • Successful roll-out of 2 new studios; Master Control Room & English Channel 37,
  • Developed and implemented new numbering & coding system, and
  • Initiated a project to update all the Central Apparatus Room (CAR) drawings.


Sep 2011Jan 2015

Masters in Engineering Management, GPA “3.6/4”

Qatar University, Qatar

                Established in 1977 as the first national university in Qatar, and since then QU was the leading higher education studies in the country. In 2014, QU was ranked 551 worldwide and ranked 11 in Arab Region.

                In 2010, the collage of Engineering started the master program of engineering management, a program targeting engineering professionals to help them acquire the needed managerial skills through a comprehensive syllabus mixing between the art and science of decision making. Examples of subjects in the program are:

  • Business Fundamentals for Engineering Managers
  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • Project Management
  • Decision Techniques and Data Analysis
  • Process Improvement Techniques
  • Service Operations Management
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Enterprise Information Analysis and Business Applications
  • Facility Planning & Layout
  • Six Sigma and Strategic Quality Management

                To fulfill the graduation requirements, a Thesis Titled “Design Optimization Model of a Greenfield, Multi-Layer, Multi-Application Optical Network” was prepared and successfully defended. A copy of the Thesis can be found here.

Sep 1997Oct 2001

Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering “Major in Telecom”

Mu'tah University, Jordan

                Mu'tah University is the third national university in Jordan. The collage of Engineering was inaugurated in 1984, three years after the establishment of the university.

                The undergraduate program of Electrical Engineering contained topics about circuits, electronics, electromagnetic, machines, control, power systems, and instrumentation. For Major in Telecom, additional subject were in the curriculum such

  • Advanced Communication Systems
  • Digital Communication Systems
  • Microwaves, Antennas, and Radars

                To fulfill the graduation requirements, a Graduation Project titled “Speed measurement RADAR interfaced to a PC via ISA slot” was built and successfully presented. It was awarded "96%”, the highest marks in my batch.

Sep 1994Jun 1997

High School, Grade “98.5%”

Al-Istiqlal Secondary School, Qatar

                General Scientific Secondary School Certificate


May 2015Present

ILM Award Level 3

Institute of Leadership & Management

The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is the UK’s largest management body. ILM is a world renowned professional membership body representing over 25,000 managers and leaders throughout their careers. It helps managers who lead people to go through organizational change, budget cuts or other pressures.




General awareness of the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library service lifecycle, including the links between lifecycle stages, the processes used and their contribution to service management practices.

Registration number 5199731.20334904


Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP)

Cisco Career Certifications

Certificate Validation Number 403085333453BPXM @ Cisco Certificate Validation


Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)

Cisco Career Certifications

Certificate Validation Number 403085333451DPZJ @ Cisco Certificate Validation


Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Cisco Career Certifications

Certificate Validation Number 41535382260JRZG @ Cisco Certificate Validation


Competent Leader

Toastmasters International

A designation identifying the holder's leadership skills who went through a rigorous training practice.


Competent Communicator

Toastmasters International

A designation identifying the holder as a speaker who went through a rigorous training of public speaking skills by practice.


Certified Professional Trainer

University of Rockhampton

Official certificate based on academic programs in building the skills of "Transferring Knowledge" for professionals


Leading and Managing
  • Take ownership and accept responsibility to create business and social values.
  • Flexible to work with multidisciplinary teams across all levels within organization and with external stakeholders even under pressure of limited resources and tight timelines, while conforming to technical and ethical standards set forth by the law, code of ethics and bylaws.
  • Thinking strategically to setup long-term business goals with mechanisms to achieve them through innovation, creativity, and business impacts.



  • Telecom
    • FTTx, Optical Transportation Technologies, Mobile Networks (2/3/4G), Critical Communications (TETRA+LTE), IBS (integrated)
  • Information & Communications Technologies (ICT)
    • Deep and broad knowledge in ICT such as IoT, IPv4 & v6, multiplication managed Wi-Fi, 2/3/4G, Optical Access and Transport Networks, Security Systems (CCTV & Access Control), ELV Systems, , Integration, Data Centers, Control Rooms, Operation Centers, and Infrastructure.
  • Standards & Guidelines
    • Author and co-author of several national and customer-oriented standards and guidelines.
  • Professional Memberships
    • Member of many top-notch technological institutions and bodies such as IEEE, Smart City Counsel, and TCCA.



Critical Thinking, Decision Making, and Problem Solving
  • Think in a clear, rational, and open-minded manner.
  • Identify problems based on evidence, employ mathematical and analytical tools.
  • Apply the art and science of decision making to solve the problems to ensure optimal results.
  • Award wining public speaker in both languages Arabic and English. Being a member of Toastmasters international for the last 8 years, I participated in many contests and won many prizes. For two years, I represented Qatar in GCC level speech contest in Arabic Category, and has been into Qatar finals for 5 times.
  • Certified trainer and instructor utilizing professional presentation tools and visual aids.
  • Excellent command in written communications through e-mails, letters, and memorandums, with very advanced skills using word processing applications.

Awards & Appreciations

Years of Experience (Technical)

This chart summarizes my years of experience in each technical discipline

Years of Experience (Managerial)

This charts summarizes my years of experience in managerial disciplines. It covers staff management, customers management, Presales & Solutions management, and Bids & Proposals management