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My name is Kara White Castro and i am a Scriptwriter. I have been a scriptwriter for over 20 years now and it has been the greatest job of my life.  I am best known for the american TV series Big Bang theory and the multi-award winning TV series Game of Thorns. I was born in Birmingham in 1976 where i grew up and in 1995 i sent a piece of a screenplay i had wrote in university to the director of Eastenders, where he got in contact with me to come and wright for the show. So in 1995 at the age of 19 i packed up and moved to London to assist the leading scriptwriter for the show and so my journey began. To follow on after working for Eastenders for 8 years, my talent was noticed by the director of hit TV series Big Bang theory, which had not even been aired yet, I then accepted the job and up and moved to america. Then to follow on after working there for 5 years my talent was then released by the director of the  phenomenal TV series Game of Thorns. I then jumped at the chance to take on the main lead role of scriptwriter for the series and have been doing that for 4 years now and hope many more to come.   

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Screenplay writer

Game of Thorns

For this job i am responsible for enhancing on screen development of characters, by changing the script to seem more appealing and making many versions of the script, that are appropriate for Game of Thorns. 

Feb 2006Oct 2011


Big Bang Theory

For this job, i had to ensure a new script was written, ready to be looked over by the cast, producer and director to make any changes if necessary. This involved working very closely with the cast at all times. 

Jul 1995Nov 2003

Script writer


I was responsible for the development of the script, as the script is critical to the success of Eastenders as it provides the basis for the entire production. This involved working very closely with the producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins, to make sure the production went exactly the way he wanted it to go.  


Mar 1995May 1995

Screenwriting first steops

City University London

This was a short screenwriting course to show how to write a film script, with plenty of writing exercises and analysis of scripts and films. On completion of the course, I had the basic tools needed to write my own script, ie. learning to write visually, working with character and conflict, building narrative.

Sep 1992May 1994

Level 3 Media 

Solihull College

I was on a 2 year film making course, where we went over everything that was in the filming industry. We did a topic on script writing and i discovered i had a real passion for it. 


These are the scripts i was in sole charge of writing for Eastenders and Big Bang Theory. They are drafts that where originally wrote up, to be modified, changed and added to at a later time.