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The Bridge Program at Antioch University

The Bridge Program at Antioch University Los Angeles

Since 1999, The Bridge Program at Antioch University Los Angeles has been doing something simply revolutionary: providing quality education in the Humanities for the poor and working poor of Los Angeles. The result? 400 more people: • have a larger vision for their lives, greater self-confidence, and a deeper sense of how we are all connected in one community, and more hope. • are pursuing their education: completing high school, attending university, and some are now in graduate school. • demonstrating a greater commitment to education for themselves, their children and their community. • are participating in public life, going to museums, studying at libraries, attending poetry readings, concerts and plays.

The Bridge Program spans the chasm from the dead end back alleys of poverty, to the vibrant centers of public life and discussion. Bridge students work together with committed faculty and tutors for nine months—studying philosophy, literature, art history and the writing arts. The course is always provided free of charge; this includes tuition (up to 12 units through Antioch University Los Angeles), books, supplies, transportation costs, and an evening meal.

In the words of Bridge Students

"Bridge has done so much good for me. I hope some day I can do something to give back what I have gotten" -2008 Bridge student, now published author.

“Enrolling in the BRIDGE PROGRAM was the best decision that I have made. Over the past several weeks, I have had the pleasure of meeting and socializing with an academic society — an exceptional one in a class all its own.”

 -2009 Bridge student

“Bridge Philosophy class was like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on pumpernickel bread. Common stuff on unusual substance. ”

-2009 Bridge student

“Wow! What an eye opener. My first quarter of philosophy and writing was exciting, empowering, enlightening, and impressive. The classes imparted knowledge beyond measure for me. It brought a renewal and revival of my mind-set. I believe wisdom is a principle, and I like a common sense approach to and within my life (daily). I’m now going over a threshold of new opportunities of development, design, and ideas of how I need to go forth in my own unique style of growth and maturity as an author. I’m truly grateful for this program and the people involved.”

-2009 Bridge student

It was exciting to see older people my age going back to school to further their education. They say it is never too late.”

-2009 Bridge student

“I don’t know what would have happened to me this year without Bridge.” –2007 Bridge Student