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Work experience

Jun 2010Present

Psychopharmacologic Consultant


•​Providing insight to clientele of Psychiatrists in the tri-state area on drug induced changes in mood, sensation, thinking, and behavior.

•​Consulting individual clients on their concern of current medication, dose, ailment, and side effects.

•​Offering alternative techniques to achieve personal desired results.

Jun 2010Present

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction


•​Offering Mindfulness therapy to 60% of current clientele 3 times a week as a form of treatment for depression and anxiety.

•​Incorporating Mindfulness as a remedy for individuals’ chief complaints in reference to current medications.

Sep 2009Present



•​Conducting Hypnotherapy sessions for the majority of current clientele as a form of treatment tailored to the client’s long-term goals.

•​Treating patients suffering with various disorders including but not limited to anxiety, depression, weight management, smoking cessation, PTSD, addiction.

•​Additionally incorporating progressive experimental medicine.

Oct 2015Present

Clinical Director

Liberation Way
Aug 2013Oct 2015


Seabrook House

• Therapist in 150 Inpatient CARF accredited Drug and Alcohol treatment facility.
• Daily activities include running groups, individual sessions, lectures, Step Meetings, AA/NA meetings, staffing, and clinical supervision.
• Also conduct Individual therapy, group and family therapy, case management, psycho-educational groups, relapse prevention, leisure skills, wellness & fitness, yoga, mindfulness, stress management, recreation and equine therapy.
• Perform CBT, RET, Narrative Therapy, Solution-Based, Group and individual counseling, Motivational interviewing, Harm reduction, Anger management skills, 12 step philosophies and step work studies on a case by case application.

Jul 2013Jul 2013

Mental Health Tech

Mercy Philadelphia Hospital
· Supervised intern within 20 bed psychiatric unit of mid-sized hospital. Patient mental health ailments range from addiction, co-occurring, schizophrenia, bi-polar, and depression. · Job Duties include intake, individual therapy, group therapy, play therapy, rehabilitation. Daily tasks comprised of assessment forms, individual and group notes, presentations to psych department and treatment team. Attended 25 Schwartz rounds, earning CE credits. Familiar with blood pressure techniques, glucose monitoring, restraint protocol, and identifying signs of stroke. ·Achieved success rate of 70 percent non-remission with patients post discharge. Developed strong rapport with patients within a short amount of time. Implemented group activities and exercises to supplement current treatment plan. ·Currently training as a Mental health technician as a part time endeavor within Psych unit.
May 2011Aug 2012


Northwest Human Services

•​Employed as a supervised intern at a 300+ client based facility, specializing in intensive outpatient, drugs and alcohol abstinence and rehabilitation, individual counseling, and intake assessment.

•​Provided one-on-one counseling for six clients continuously and provided coping techniques for their respective mental illness.

•​Facilitated and led intensive outpatient groups consisting of 10-15 addicts in psycho-education therapy and abstinence strategy on a weekly basis.


OBJECTIVE: To obtain experience in a supervised position within a healthcare facility, specifically in the field of clinical counseling psychology, rehabilitation and therapy.


After attending Medical School at St. Matthew's University for three years, Kapil Nayar took a leave of absence to pursue a Masters Degree in the Clinical Counseling Psychology from La Salle University. Kapil pursued his passion for alternative treatment options by obtaining a hypnotherapy certification as well as mindfulness based stress reduction training (MBSR). During his time, Kapil has practiced hypnotherapy and mindfulness based stress reduction in a private practice setting. He has taken this opportunity to obtain information of the effectiveness of both practices in the treatment of various ailments.Since Medical School, Kapil has focused in a private practice as a hypnotherapist and mindfulness based stress reduction practitioner in New Jersey. During this time he has developed client management skills while acquiring savvy in acquiring information regarding client outcomes and results post treatment.More recently, Kapil has achieved his Masters in Psychopharmacology and is now interested in pursuing his Masters in Nutrition in order to better assist clients in cohesively becoming more healthy in an integrative approach (mentally, physically/biologically, and emotionally).Kapil seeks to further develop his alternative psychodynamic approach to the treatment of clients. He wants to work in a private practice clinic with professionals who share his sense of compassion, integrity, willingness to reflect, 'out of box' thinking, desire to grow and commitment to change.


Psychopharmacology, Nutrition, Experimental Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Counseling, Insomnia, Anxiety, Anger Management, Depression, Smoking Cessation, Grief/Loss, Alcohol Cessation, Substance Abuse Cessation, Weight Loss/Management, Impotence, Emotional/Physical Healing, Loss of Libido, Self Esteem, Trauma, and many others.


Tahir Maqsood, MD

"It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Kapil Nayar, who has been working at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital as a Psychology Intern since September 2012.  I have interacted with Kapil in multidisciplinary team rounds and seen his interactions with patients in group therapy. I have also reviewed his progress with his supervisors. 

Kapil came to our department as a Psychology intern from La Salle University, after attending Medical School at St. Matthew's University and having completed his Master's in Psychopharmacology.  Educationally he was already very well qualified and had certifications in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.  Kapil has a very impressive résumé but he is even more impressive in real life. Kapil is a bright, confident and very engaging person.  Always smiling, good empathetic listener and got along very well both with his patients and other members of treatment team.  His maturity allowed him to work as a peer instead of an intern.  He is very respectful towards his patients and always received very good feedback. It almost came as a surprise that today is his last day as an intern as he almost worked as our staff member. 

Kapil is capable of achieving a lot in his life and I admire his decision to pursue the field of Behavioral Health.  I have nothing but great words for him and recommend him without any reservations.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you may need any further information regarding Kapil."

Michael Jordan

"​I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Kapil Nayar.  I had the opportunity to supervise Kapil during his time at NHS Human Services, where he worked in the intake department as part of his internship.  I believe Kapil did an excellent job during his time in this department.  Kapil always completed his work in a timely fashion and was readily available to help out if the department was overwhelmed with an abundance of clients.  

I believe that Kapil possesses excellent clinical skills, particularly in the areas of building trusting relationships and conceptualization of client problems.  In addition, Kapil was always looking to discuss clinical presentations and learn from his experiences.   He seems hard-working and studious, determined, and highly intelligent, and I believe these traits will serve him well as he continues on the path of his career.

​It is my belief that Kapil will be an excellent addition to any placement, an asset to any agency, and a welcome support to those he seeks to help.  I highly recommend him and wish him well in all of his future endeavors." July 19, 2012

Daniel Rodriguez

“Kapil is a very talented individual with a keen interest in understanding the causes of human behavior, pathologic and normal. He is also a quick study and has a great desire to improve upon his weaknesses, once identified. My courses are tremendous for unlocking students’ potential for success at the doctoral level. I demand a great deal from them, including constantly working on their writing and critical thinking skills. In my development course, for instance, I have students prepare abstracts weekly asking them to review research articles and summarize them in 250 words or less, without copying the articles’ abstracts. This is a difficult task, yet it forces students to learn to write concisely, a skill that is essential to success as an academic. Further, students are required to teach members of their assigned groups about the article, including preparing discussion questions. Taken together, this assignment is good preparation for an academic career as it prepares student write parsimoniously, a skill that is essential to preparing conference abstracts, manuscripts, and other space limited tasks. Further, by having students teach group members, they have a distinct advantage in preparing to teach as a research assistant. Kapil performed admirably in both preparing his abstract and teaching his peers. Moreover, his progress over the course of the semester in improving his writing skills was very noticeable, which is more important to me than coming in as an excellent writer but failing to adapt to the constraints of the assignment.” June 8, 2010

Robert DiLenge

"It gave me great pleasure to be asked by Kapil Nayar to write a letter of reference for his exemplary work as a Student-Intern in the Dual Diagnosis Unit of Mercy Hospital.

As the Director of Behavioral Health at Mercy, I have known Kapil since September, 2012.  He has proven over the time that I have known him, that he is continually improving force in the mental health field.  Kapil has remained active in the unit, which enables him to be aware of all of the trends in the field.  Kapil has proven to be serious, driven, and would function in an outstanding manner whatever his responsibilities.  

Management having such confidence in Kapil has given additional duties and responsibilities, as well as let him function independently with patients and co-facilitating group therapy.  His astute attention to detail has been comforting to the staff in knowing that all of his duties and responsibilities will be executed in a flawless manner.

Kapil puts forth such energy when he is given a task that he surpasses all expectations.  Exhibiting such a calm demeanor has enabled him to be included in the patient's innermost thoughts, which they are willing to share.

Kapil researches subject matter to the point of becoming expert, and enlightening even for the most seasoned counselor to evaluate his presentations.  Kapil is a caring person and continues to give the population the care and concern that was lacking in most of their lives.

Kapil is conscientious, rendering his paperwork timely and efficient.  I know that Kapil will excel in any position that he undertakes.

Kapil would be an asset to any organization."

Mary Ellen McMonigle

“Kapil is a gifted student and demonstrates a consistent professional and courteous manner with faculty and students. He has a broad knowledge base and contributes creatively to the classroom environment. Additionally, Kapil is appreciated and admired by his peers. Students are excited and curious about his unique qualities and this stimulates energized and active participation in groups. Kapil is a well-respected and valuable member of our community at La Salle University as he would be in any professional and/or academic setting. He exhibits fine traits and characteristics that will enable him to be make memorable differences in the professional work. I am certain that Kapil will continue to achieve excellence with his continued studies and in his work with clients and colleagues.” June 17, 2010

Travis Cos

“Mr. Nayar is an impressive, highly empathetic, and pensive individual, who was an invaluable presence in my class, thanks to his knowledge-base, clinical experience, and ability to think critically on the fly. He exhibits a deep passion for psychological practice, which was clearly reflected in his course participation and class projects. He has excellent interpersonal skills and is highly considerate and thoughtful. Additionally, he has a holistic understanding of mind-body interactions, cognitive-behavioral models of treatment, and "third-wave" mindfulness treatments. I highly recommend him in all his future clinical and educational endeavors” July 21, 2010


Aug 2006Aug 2009


St. Matthew's University School of Medicine
Sep 2002May 2006

Bachelor of Arts

Temple University


Skilled in the use of MediTech
Familiar with the use of Avatar
Proficient in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Conversational Spanish
Fluent in Punjabi
Fluent in Hindi


Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Accredited Counselor

Master's in Psychopharmacology

Neuroscience Education Institute

CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC)

American Heart Association

Certification of Hypnotherapy

The Institute of Hypnotherapy

Certification for Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Medical University of South Carolina

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

NICABM Online Distance Learning
May 2013Present

Master's in Clinical Counseling Psychology

La Salle University