Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2013 - Present

Global Business Consultant

Hewlett Packard
  • Leader/Senior member of Global Analytics consulting team which design analytical solutions and deliver projects for HP’s global clients.·  
  • Engaged in consultative and insight-driven discussions with Client's leadership team including CxO level.·
  • In short span of time worked for various industry like Aviation/F&A/CPG//Contact Centre.
  • Completed Analytics projects ranging from creating visual dashboard to predictive modeling.·
  •  Helping HP’s client who is an aviation giant to reduce its procurement cost using Market research and spend analytics.
  • Leveraged advance analytics techniques which benefited world’s leading hotel chain in capacity planning and increasing hotel bookings.·
  • Heading multiple projects in different capacities i.e. Head of delivery, end to end Project Management, Analytics expert and Solution architect.·
  • Responding to RFP in effective manner to win analytics projects for HP, Designing specific analytical solutions for business cases. Handling client visits, front ending and pitching with Analytics offerings.·
  • Developing GTM Strategy, Sales collateral, Concept to Product, Offering Life cycle, pricing and finalize statement of work for HP Analytical solutions worldwide.
  • Working closely with senior leadership at HP Globally and sales team to identify, develop, and close opportunities through meetings, POC resourcing, advising on Sales strategy and business case creation.
Dec 2010 - Dec 2013

Delivery Manager-Analytics

Quatrro Global Services
  •   Lead Fraud Analytics and Marketing Analytics team- Served leading Bank in USA-JP Morgan Chase.
  • · Handled a team of 10-15 people including AM/DM/Analyst.
  • · Created rule engine & strategies for live transactions made on Chase cards to mitigate fraud loss.·
  •   Based on rule engine created by my team, live transaction our approved or declined.·
  •   Helped client in saving Multimillion dollars loss due to fraud transactions.·  
  •  Release genuine transactions which were declined due to existing fraud strategy to increase sales and improve customer experience
  • Lead Marketing Analytics (Contact Management and Customer experience/Digital Analytics) team.·
  • Built Comprehensive Account Retention waterfall analysis for all Business Units and Partners. Provided sampling strategy to identify defects in the First Assist Close Retain Workflow.·
  • Leveraged the Text Mining technology to study on CMS (Call Monitoring System) Memos, Inbound call reasons and workflow touches to undercover the true servicing issues.· 
  • Provided Enkata (Call reasons) data/logic support to assist business to understand customer contact reasons, and working with CMS Reporting Solutions to enhance existing logic from supplying weekly files to daily files.
  • Provided monthly account level portfolio marketing impression volume by the account’s finance segmentation and behavior segment, along with the customer positive (enrolment) and negative (complaints, opt outs) feedback volumes.
  • Digital channel analysis, web traffic analysis for better customer experience.

 Other Key Projects Handled:

  • NPS                                                                 
  • Customer Satisfaction         
  • Customer Communication Analysis.     
  •  Pre Earning/Tax Profit Analysis.
  • Transaction Level Analysis
  • Account Level Profitability Analysis  
  • Account Closure Analysis     
  • Call Reasons Analysis
  • Card Replacement Analysis    
  • Web Traffic Analysis 
  •  Retention Offers Analysis
Mar 2010 - Dec 2010

Deputy Manager

  • Successfully completed text mining project for customer satisfaction for a public transport provider by using unstructured data (Email/CSAT etc.) using VOCA (Voice of customer analytics) tool
  • Identified key drivers of customer dissatisfaction using complaints data, and provided insight on users’ problems which helped to improve customer experience and hence reduction in complaints
  • Helped Business to reduce Daily sales outstanding (DSO) from 120 days to 90 days.
  • Played a key role in implementation of Business Intelligence portal for facilitating Sales, Collections and Finance and other business verticals.
  • Assessed the financial data & trends thereby identifying key issues to maximize profits/ minimize expenses
  • Provided senior management with analysis & reports that support long-term/short term business planning
  • Competently functioned as a core member of the Research & Analytics team
Oct 2004 - Mar 2010

Business Analyst

  • Performing analytical review of financial operations of the process; interpreting financial data for determining past financial performance and projecting the financial probability and ensuring that the financial information is presented clearly, consistently and on time
  • Worked in various analytical teams like Marketing Analytics, Finance Analytics, Pricing Analytics, MIS and Automation
  • Performed automation and digitization of standard reports using SAS, SQL, VBA and UNIX
  • Managing financial models; liaising with the data modeler, reviewing financial due diligence reporting, etc.
  • Competently saved more that more than 500 man hours annually by executing 10 lean projects
  • Played a key role in conducting FMEA on Card Activation report which was having duplications which allowed Business to save more than $25K PA
  • Successfully Completed Data warehouse migration testing accurately under severe time constraints
  • Developed learning path for new hires to convert them into productive units
  • Credit of being nominated for “Best lean project” within the company
  • Handled the accounts receivables operations like revenue calculation, revenue accruals, raising invoices, remittances, revenue reconciliation & outstanding debtors MIS
  • Carried out the account receivables reconciliation’s of Intercompany debtors, sundry debtors, Bank reconciliation, Loan & Advances to employees & Provision for corporate card outstanding
  • Successfully achieved high rating in appraisal throughout the career
  • Bagged more than 10 Individual Awards of various categories and levels like: Silver Award, Four Times Bronze awards, Twice Cash Award from Client, Dream Team Award and Pillars of Support Award, etc
  • In-house Trainings Attended:

    • Green Belt/Lean Trained and Tested as a part of Green Belt Project
    • Foundation of Leadership
    • Interpersonal Skills for Success
    • Steps to Personal Mastery


Jan 2006 - Dec 2006

General Management Program

Jul 2000 - Jun 2002


University of Rajasthan
Mar 2001 - Feb 2002

Diploma in Advance Computing

Centre for Development of Advance Computing





Base SAS and Macro SAS, SAS/Access, SAS/CONNECT, SAS/SQL, SAS/UNIX, SQL, Knowledge Seeker, VOCA (Text Mining Tool), R, Tableau, Oracle/Teradata/DB2/SQL Server/MS Office (Access, Excel & PowerPoint), UNIX, VBA, Oracle modules (AP,AR & GL), Statistics techniques(Decision Tree/CHAID, ARIMA, Regression)

Analytics Projects -HP

Analytics Tool Owner:· 

  • Lead Business Performance Analytics Tool development for creating a new finance analytics tool    for HP clients.· 
  • Tools help customers in F&A Analytics and cater to areas like R2R/S2P/O2C, process performance, governance layer, risk control.
  • Designed solution for the product to make it more conducive for client, conducted testing on product.
  • Handled HP vendor for creating a market ready tool. Taking developed tool to new and existing clients of HP, won two deals for implementation of the product

Predictive Modeling:·

  •  Leading hotel chain in the world was struggling with hotel booking conversions from incoming calls across globe.·
  •  Provided two point solution to client a) Operations efficiency/SLA dashboard b) Call volume forecasting for incoming calls using ARIMA.
  • Helped client to increase call conversion ratio and achieving and meeting SLA.·
  • Improved SLA rate by 4-5% and conversions up by 5-8%.

Analytics Projects-Quatrro

   Spend Notification analysis:

  • Created variables that capture the spending pattern of customer and identified high fraud rate segments for out of pattern transactions.
  • Set up the process (queuing strategy) that directs a transaction falling in high fraud rate segments for review by operations team.
  • New process resulted in annual fraud loss saving of $6.2 million.

BIN Analysis:  

  • Identified bins (first 5 digits of a credit card) with high transaction volume and high fraud rates.
  • Used combination of bins and other key variables in DECISION TREE to create segments having fraud rate > 15%.
  • Implemented rule sets that direct a live transaction falling in high risk segment review by operations team.

 Post Campaign Analysis:·

  •  Integrated Data (campaign target population/segments, response rate etc.) after campaign is complete from different sources (mailers/response data/DWH).
  • Tracked campaign effectiveness in terms of response rate/offers opted in (optin), Analyze campaign in multidimensional view i.e. through Delivery Channel/Type of ampaign/Segments/Business units.
  • Creating dashboards/reports to summarize overall campaign effectiveness i.e. Highest/Lowest response rate/optin rate by delivery channel(Direct Mail/Letters/Internet etc.), Track increase/decrease in sales/spend etc. through campaign and Most effective campaign/offer type i.e. rewards/rebate etc.

Analytics Project-Genpact

Consolidation & Automation of more than100 SAS codes:  

  • For creating complex and comprehensive weekly Finance dashboard which included all the key income drivers for a credit card company by division it requires to execute more than 100 SAS codes manually.
  • With the help of SAS Macro, I consolidated similar kind of codes and reduced number of codes to be executed from 100 to 10.
  • With the help of Unix CRONTAB utility, automated the execution of these SAS codes which reduced manual intervention in creating the dashboard.
  • Saved at least 80 man hours monthly by this consolidation and automation

Credit Card Pricing:

  • During deep recession in American and World economy, credit card companies (client) increased APR (Annual percentage rate) and reduced Grace Days given for payment to customer.
  • As a member of pricing team, I analysed the impact of this sudden reduction in grace days given to customer on overall clientele and profitability of the portfolio.
  • Identified that by reducing grace days without prior intimation to customers is resulting in customer dissatisfaction in turn hitting portfolio sales.
  • Helped business in making decision which is optimal for the portfolio