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– BPI 2001/2002 Award – Lacerda de Almeida – “Granted to the Student with the higher degree in the area of Geographic Engineering”

– Scholarship Award 2002/2003 – General Filipe Folque – “Granted to the Student with the higher degree in the area of Geographic Engineering”


– Batista, S., Silva, R., Fernandes, S. “Repositório Central de Dados Geográficos e IDE: Uma relação colaborativa”, JIIDE 2010 (November 2010)

– Batista, S. “Geographic Information Systems: The next Information Systems”, POSI mag 3 - ISSN 1647-3094 (January 2010)

– Berberan, A.; Machado, M.; Batista, S. “Automatic multi total station monitoring of a tunnel”, Survey Review, 39, 305 pp.203-211 (July 2007)

– Batista, S. “EFECALC – Automated Calculation of Astronomical Ephemeris in Digital Format”, Ingenium 89 (September 2005)

– Batista, S. “Astronomia e o Computador Pessoal”, in “1as Jornadas de Elementos de Astronomia e Astrofísica”, December of 2003, Coimbra, Portugal

– Batista, S. “EfeCalc and SunSpots: Two brand new software in the Astronomy field”, in “3rd Interdisciplinary Summer School on the Solar System”, August of 2003, Coimbra, Portugal

– Batista, S. “EfeCalc - Efemérides do Novo Milénio para o Novo Milénio”, in “XIII ENAA”, July of 2003, Coimbra, Portugal


Sandro Batista is graduated in Geographic Engineering from the Faculty of Science and Technology of University of Coimbra and he is currently Technology Development Strategy Director at Esri Portugal. At the same time develops teaching activity being responsible for the discipline of GeoMarketing at the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing & Business Intelligence at the Higher Institute of Languages and Administration and also co-owns a specialized company, EngSolvers, in the field of geodesic infrastructure monitoring.

As Technology Development Strategy Director at Esri Portugal, he is responsible for monitoring all the projects on going in the most important and innovative costumers of the company. One target is to generate innovation to these customers based on new solutions to the existing problems and conceiving new approaches, outlining a real strategic development of them, based on technology.

Begins its work in 2003 as a researcher in the field of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Coimbra where he was a founding member of the Research Centre GAUC - Astrophysics Group of the University of Coimbra.

Since 2004 at Esri Portugal, he assumed the position of Technical Director in 2006 and simultaneously the position of Project Manager of international and national projects, with some highlights in these companies: NC3A - NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency; Geocapital Holding; AICEP Global Parques; Chronopost International Portugal; IGP - Portuguese Geographic Institute; Estradas de Portugal S. A. (Portuguese Road Agency), CVARG - Centre of Volcanology and Geological Risk Assessment at the University of the Azores; DGOTDU - Planning and Urban Development National Agency; IDP -  Sports Institute of Portugal and DGAE - Economic Activities National Agency.

During the year of 2009 assumed the position of Executive Director of Business Unit Research, Development and Innovation.


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