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Kanika Chachera

Fashion Merchandising & Marketing


Currently in third year of NAFA (Singapore), pursued Diploma in Fashion Marketing & Merchandising. Keen about Fashion and Marketing; Looking forward to learn more and gain experience from various companies related to fashion retail, marketing and brand management. 

Basic Information

Phone: +65 84478785


City: Singapore

Date of Birth: 19/01/1996

Address: 205 - River Valley Road, #04-79, Lobby 6 (238274) Singapore




Linguistic Proficiency

Fluent in English writing, reading and speaking

Fluent in Hindi writing, reading and speaking

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Social and Community Service

Donation of food and clothes to Teekli Village in Haryana (India) (Year 2010)

Educating village kids as community service from school Pathways World School (Year 2010)

Tree plantation service (Year 2011)

Extra Curricular Activities

Dance performance after learning from a well known Institute called Buskers in Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)

Displayed a painting in exhibition called 'Jashn' by Pathways World School 

Attended Fashion Design workshop in Raffles (Delhi) year 2013

Attended MUN workshop and trained to be a delegate in year 2011

Part of a Bollywood movie shoot in Singapore  October 2016


Painting, Sketching, Dancing, Fashion buying, Writing, Acting, Travelling



Able to generate ideas related to promotional strategies, store display, advertisement posters, etc.

Technical Skills

Able to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign

Product Development

Able to propose a new design of a garment based on supporting research.

Fashion Research

Able to research for a report writing based on fashion industry with seasons.


Overlocking, felt finishing and basic sewing

Pattern Making

Drafting patterns for garments (Shirt, Skirt, Dress, Pants, Bodice)

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