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Education:QuFu Normal University(bachelor)


Study Abroad

Kmuyung University

Study abroad coursework in Korean Kmuyung University.

Leadership:I have ever been competitive person in class for one year and I can organize collective activities well.I think that I have the ability to work well.

University competitive person

A people who needs to help the monitor and help classmates in many aspects.

Experience:In college I major in Korean  and I am studying Korean in Korea for one year,so I can speak Korean well.Maybe my level has up to 3 mow.At the same time ,I also speak English because I live in only-English dormitory.At that time I made a lot of English native speaker friends and I have lots of oral practices.I am a Chinese native speaker so I can speak three languages.I am also good at talking with the strangers

Text section

Maybe I am less of some working experience.Just because of it ,I will treat this job with all my determination. I will do my best to finish my work well.

Technical:I am good at communicate with strangers.My character is very cheerful ,I will not give up easily.I can speak English ,Chinese,and Korean.

Language:I studied English before junior high school,until now it has already been 8  years.I will speak English more and more except my poor English.

Interests:Watching variety shows and TV series,doing sports,climbing, travelling.