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Work experience

Nov 2007Present

Pharmacy Technician

The Medicine Cabinet

When I first started this job I was working in the Doctors office of Jones Family Medicine Clinic answering phones, filing, and checking patients in. I was then moved to a cell phone store that was connected to the building, owned by the same people, and it did not last long due to the fact that we had no business. After that, I went back into the clinic and was then moved to the pharmacy because they needed extra help. I was an all around girl, and still there to do anything. I am a Pharmacy Technician and love what I do and the people that I see.

Aug 2006Jan 2007


Stringer Dairy Bar

I enjoyed being a waitress. I got this job when I was 16 years old and still in high school. I was working for extra money and to have something to do while I was off from sports and school. I even learned how to cook! After working at that job I became more of a people person. I was always shy, still am to some point, but working at the Dairy Bar really opened up my eyes to the work world.


Aug 2011Present

Jones County Junior College
Aug 1995May 2008


Stringer Attendance Center

I grew up in Stringer, went to school in Stringer, and I am so glad that I was a part of that. The years that I spent at that school was well worth it. I had great teachers, friends, and peers. The sports were a big key part of high school life. I had fun but I learned many things in the process. I am forever thankful for the great education that Stringer High School provided for me and for the memories to go along with it.


I have computer skills, when things go wrong or theres something that needs to be fixed I am usually the one that people call. I enjoy figuring things out and when I can fix the problem I feel like i have done something great for myself and someone else.


Kaye Jones

Mrs. Kaye is my boss as of current. I have been working for her for four years now.

Gina Langley


My objective is to be the best that I can be in life and succeed past my expectations.  I strive to work hard, be courteous, and do my job to my absolute best potential.


My interests in life are spending time with my family, reading, relaxing, and just enjoying life. I like to work, I have been working since I was fifteen years old. It really gives me a sense of accomplishment.