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Aug 2015Present

Doctor of Philosophy

Michigan State University

Navy funded Research Assistant developing underwater hull-cleaning robot
Current GPA of 3.44

Work experience

Aug 2015Present

PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering

Michigan State University

Graduate Courses Completed:
Engineering Analysis, Fluid Mechanics I, Fluid Mechanics II, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics, Experimental Mechanics, Foundations in Engineering Education, and Modeling Methods in Biomechanical Engineering

Accepted into BEST Program in fall of 2015

Jul 2014Jul 2015

Adjunct Lecturer

Kettering University's Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanics of Materials - The fundamental topics of this course include: normal and shear stress and strain, Hooke’s law, Poisson’s ratio, generalized Hooke’s law, axial translation, torsion of circular bars, angle of twist, bending of beams, flexure formula, flexural shear stress, beam deflections, combined stresses, transformation of stresses, Mohr’s circle, statically indeterminate problems, columns.

Statics - This course deals with a discussion and application of the following fundamental concepts: static force analysis of particles, rigid bodies, plane trusses, frames, and machines; first and second moments of area; friction; internal forces; and stress deflection analysis of axially loaded members. Topics covered will be the static force and moment equilibrium of two and three dimensional systems; resultant forces and moments due to the application of concentrated and/or distributed loads; couples; the center of mass and the area moment of inertia of a rigid body; shear force and bending moment diagrams of a rigid body; and the stress and deflection analyses of axially loaded members.

Interdisciplinary Design and Manufacturing Lab - Co-taught with the Industrial Engineering and Electrical Engineering Department. This introductory class exposes freshman engineering students to basic design principles, the materials of manufacture, their structure and properties, and methods of processing them into everyday products. A laboratory experience provides hands-on experience in many of these processes. A second laboratory provides experience in mechanical design and electrical and computer manufacturing.

Jul 2014Mar 2015

Research Scientist and Project Manager

Kettering University's Chemical Engineering Department
  • Main focus is to use atmospheric plasma to permanently change the surface properties of various materials for a wide range of applications.
  • Mentor undergraduate chemical engineering students to design, setup and run experiments, as well as to interpret and present data.
  • Manage the inventory of supplies for experiments and the schedule of equipment use.
  • Help to prepare proposals and publish papers.
Jul 2009Dec 2014


Prismitech, LLC.

Started a women-owned company out of TechWorks, a business accelerator on Kettering University’s campus.  Collaborated with both U.S. and international clients.

Successful application of expertise

  • Conducted advanced research and development on an open display case
  • Achieved 12% reduction in infiltration in a typical open display case
  • Mapped the velocity profile of air exchange at the doorway of a walk-in cooler using advanced experimental methods
  • Quantified the exfiltration (refrigerated air escaping the volume of walk-in cooler) during various door opening intervals and environmental conditions

Prismitech’s Services

  • Help to prepare manufacturers for stricter energy standards in refrigeration systems moving into the future
  • Measure the infiltration rate in any control volume or system
  • Build a modular air curtain simulator at any facility and train personnel to use the tracer gas method to obtain the minimum infiltration rate
  • Develop customized software for specific needs

Personal Abilities

  • Travel to customer's site to perform flow visualization and measure infiltration of ambient air mixing with refrigerated air within a commercial unit.
  • Able to build a custom experimental tracer gas setup (to measure infiltration) for a customer and train personnel on use and analyzing raw data.
  • Involved with ASHRAE to pursue further research in order to optimize efficiency of commercial refrigerated display cases and walk-in coolers for the betterment of manufacturers and their customers.
  • Has built an interdisciplinary team and has published papers together.
Feb 2012Mar 2014

Research Scientist

Kettering University Interdisciplinary Research Team

Assigned to a contract funded by the DOD (Department of Defense) and DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency)

  • Validate experiments (either with live agents or simulants) with code using known properties of substrate, droplet and environment
  • Create animations for presentations to show examples of scenarios that are able to be modeled:
    • On porous substrate
    • On glass
    • Single or multiple drops
    • Chemistry
    • Contact (of another surface on primary)
  • Helped author user's manual and other reports.
  • Managed the internal chemistry database.  Researched and calculated important chemical properties that are referenced by the code when the run is initialized.  Developing a standard consistent to the format of the publicly available NASA Thermo File.
  • Generated multiple data bases from computational runs for training the Artificial Neural Network, which is a field-deployed tool providing an accurate prediction of how long a contaminated area will remain unsafe using real-time weather conditions as inputs.
Sep 2009Dec 2010

Program Manager

Team RainMaker (Kettering's Fuel Cell Racing Team)

Awarded a Ford Graduate Scholarship in August 2009 to pursue a Masters in Engineering while working as a graduate research assistant.

  • Responsible for the majority of the team's communication: Scheduled and ran meetings, provided updates to off-campus students, managed website content, organized an online directory for all files, advertised club on campus, and acquired new members and sponsors.

  • Worked with other graduate research assistants and under graduate students on designing the fuel cell powered go-kart.  Selected components from various manufacturers based on compatible specifications.

  • Represented the team and Kettering University at the Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition (2009 and 2010).

    Mar 2009Sep 2009

    Special Projects Manager

    TechWorks was a business accelerator on Kettering University's campus that had an open door policy for its university faculty, staff and students as well as the local community
    • Helped incoming clients develop their business idea and plan as well as conduct market research.
    • Used engineering background to help refine physical products, making it more economical to build or manufacture.
    • Facilitated and built a structure for all the documents in the database, and refined internet access to a selection of documents.
    • Streamlined and updated existing aspects of the TechWorks website as well as regular maintenance.
    Jul 2008Feb 2009

    Engineer Co-op

    Kettering University Interdisciplinary Research Team
    • Completed a thesis project on the rate of evaporation of agents through porous materials that behave similar to biological and chemical warfare.  The research group and my thesis project were funded and supported through DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency).
    • Set up experiments, collected data, and validated it with computer models to find the unknown variables that satisfy all conditions.
    Aug 2007Apr 2008

    Engineer Co-op

    Nisshinbo Automotive Corp.
    • Improved individual areas in the Sterling Heights, Michigan facility to surpass Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.
    • Organized the entire inventory of raw materials and chemicals located and confirmed that the most recent Material Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals and were made available in both hard copy and electronic form.
    • Structured the company library in Covington, Georgia with a classification system to be controlled and become the standard for other library sites.  Microsoft Access was used to generate individual binder labels, indexes, and overall location of each binder.
    Jan 2007Feb 2007

    Resource Consultant

    Blue Ventures (Andavadoaka, Madagascar)
    • Completed classes and training on site to reach the level of Advanced Open Water PADI Scuba Diver.
    • Studied different types of coral, invertebrates and other benthic life forms in order to take part of the science and exploration.
    • Helped conduct Point Intercept Transects to show relative changes in the reef cover and invertebrate populations, along with Fish Belts to monitor the overall health of the reef.
    • Traveled with the scientists and marine biologists, organizing meetings with the native people that explained the importance of developing a community-run Marine Protected Area and how it ensures their future with sustainable sustenance and income.
    Aug 2004Sep 2006

    Engineer Co-op

    Key Safety Systems Inc.
    • Worked with the frontal airbag department for the first year, specializing in advanced and new technology.  Extensive testing was done on the main project, the Ticker Tape Air Bag, which focused on minimizing fatal impact of an air bag on an out-of-position child.
    • Prepared Engineering Change Notices and Design Work Orders in correlation to the engineers and customers involved.
    • Provided Stereo Lithography prototype parts, concentrated on the fit and finish, assuring the assembly provided a realistic representation for customers and allowed engineers to detect potential problems.
    • Designed various test fixtures to achieve consistent testing methods which resulted in increased data accuracy.  Performed teardowns and data retrieval.


    Robert V. Jewell (Professional)

    Mr. Jewell specializes in civic & community organization, fund development and leadership enhancement. Became colleagues through the Flint Rotary Club. Rob and Kristina share a passion for the City of Flint, often involved in their neighborhood and local community. Rob serves as a mentor and helps in identifying volunteer and professional development opportunities.

    Dr. Homayun Navaz (Academic)

    Principal Investigator of Kettering Interdisciplinary Research Team for Chemical/Biological Defense. Thesis Adviser for Kamensky's M.S. degree.

    Ramin Faramarzi (Client)

    Prismitech worked with Southern California Edison on a Walk-in Cooler study, determining the factors and the degree of influence on efficiency and energy consumption. Used experimental methods to visualize and quantify the infiltration through the door way when open.

    Undergraduate Acedemic Portfolio

    Grauduate Papers and Presentations

    Technical Expertise

    Current and Past Windows OS  (Expert)

    15+ Years Experience

    Able to navigate unfamiliar computers and troubleshoot issues.

    Microsoft Office (Expert)

    15+ Years Experience

    Tecplot  (Advanced)

    3-4 Years Experience

    Produces visualization software (applications and libraries) for plotting experimental data.

    Digital Particle Image Velocimetry  (Expert)

    4-5 Years Experience

    Experimental method used to visualize flow on a 2D plane. More detailed info about the method here.  Experience includes setup, calibration, execution, data acquisition and image processing.

    Gas Tracer Method  (Expert)

    3-4 Years Experience

    Using carbon dioxide as a tracer gas, a HORIBA gas analyzer with three channels monitors the carbon dioxide level.  Mainly used to quantify the infiltration of ambient air with refrigerated air in commercial refrigeration units.  Using this method, a refrigeration unit can be "tuned like a car" to minimize infiltration, in turn minimizing energy use toward cooling the warm infiltration air.

    Unigraphics (Advanced)

    3-4 Years Experience

    Became familiar with Finite Element Analysis (FEA).  Refer to academic portfolio.

    MATLAB  (Intermediate)

    2-3 Years Experience

    Simulink  (Intermediate)

    2-3 Years Experience

    ANSYS Workbench  (Intermediate)

    2-3 Years Experience

    Mainly used Computational Fluid Dynamics for PhD research.


    English (Fluent Proficiency)

    Slovak (Conversational Proficiency)

    Spanish (Elementary Proficiency)

    Personal Interests

    • Culinary Arts
    • Gardening
    • Civic Involvement (neighborhood association, literacy enhancement and environmental action)
    • Amateur Astronomy
    • SCUBA Diving


    Versatile engineer who has an extensive background in both simulations and  experiments to generate data for analysis. Has experience in industry, academia, and consulting.  Independent nature has cultivated a discipline to handle multiple responsibilities.

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