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Personal Profile

I see myself as a team player who is used to working in an international environment, but can fare excellently with individual tasks. When it comes to my work I provide an analytical approach and time efficiency in executing my tasks. With a variety of experience in the entrepreneurial scene I am confident in my abilities to apply knowledge to practice that shows results. I am fluent in English and have a good command over both Danish and Russian. My passion for a future career lies in User Experience Design, Marketing and Sales, Business Development and Project Management. 

Employment History

Mar 2018May 2018

UX/UI Designer Consultant


Bloodlink streamlines the sourcing and exchange of blood by connecting all stakeholders on one online platform. Starting in the Indian market, the platform provides a safe, secure and cost efficient way for blood banks and hospitals to find and exchange blood across the nation. This reduces blood shortages and improves the lives of millions of patients. 

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Developing an interactive prototype of a web-based solution on Axure
  • Utilizing a user-centered approach to deliver an intuitive user friendly product
  • Conducting user research and collaborating with stakeholders to deliver a better service
  • Incorporating User Journey Mapping and tracking through analytics to improve the overall Click Through Rate 
Mar 2017Mar 2018

UX/UI Designer


Rithos offers innovative ways to expand your business and find new clients. With the initial idea to save time the company strives to create automation in the day-to-day business. Some innovative features include: suggesting potential clients to customers based on their historical business records and preferences and a company search database of all companies and industries in Denmark, etc.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Combining leading industry trends in CRM design 
  • Incorporating data visualization to design a user friendly product
  • Reducing clutter and minimising clicks in the overall user journey 
  • Standardizing and optimizing the Visual identity across the company's products
Jan 2016Dec 2016

UX Designer


Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Developing and maintaining the User Experience across CrowdMove's products and services
  • Combining up-to-date mobile industry trends and best practices into a comprehensive framework targeted at a better User Journey
  • Implementing Gamification elements and developing an interactive and immersive User Experience
  • Generating leads by using Search Engine Optimization

Skills acquired:

  • Insights in dealing with a multi-channel business model (B2C and B2B)
  • Knowledge of Gamification and Rewards Systems as a means to push and increase usage of the consumer oriented mobile application
  • Content Marketing as a way to reach different clients (B2C / B2B)   
Jan 2015May 2015

Project Manager Marketing and Sales 

Aviation eLearning A/S

Aviation eLearning is an innovative company developing e-training solutions for the aviation industry. The company strives to change the way of training in the aviation industry by cooperating with flight schools, TRTO/ATO and airline training departments in order to create customized and relevant content for more efficient training.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Developing a competitive Pricing Strategy to approach the B2C market in the pilot training industry
  • Developing an effective Promotion Strategy to gain awareness (homepage traffic) and generate leads resulting in sales 
  • Content Management: Social Media and on the official product page
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Press Releases and PR

Educational Profile

Feb 2014Jun 2015

Prof. Bachelor Top-Up in Digital Concept Development

KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

Courses and classes:

  • Corporate communication and PR 
  • Digital content generation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Google Analytics and Google AdWords 
  • E-commerce infrastructure 
  • Business case development and implementation 
  • Concept/Campaign development and Implementation

Key Learnings:

  • The impact of content on consumers and the importance for a synchronized cross-platform strategy for different channels when promoting your brand
  • Understanding the e-commerce infrastructure and how it relates to an ERP system, focusing on upstream processes 
  • Developing and implementing engaging digital concepts to generate traffic and leads
Aug 2011Jun 2013

AP degree in Marketing Management

Copenhagen Business Academy

Courses and classes:

  • Marketing, Branding, Strategic positioning 
  • Financial analysis, Investment analysis, Budgeting and Optimization 
  • Marketing strategy, Planning and Implementation
  • Collecting, Analyzing and Implementing Data from Qualitative and Quantitative research
  • Social Media Marketing with a focus on Facebook Content Management and Facebook Ads  

Key Learnings:

  • Practical knowledge in developing and conducting quantitative and qualitative market research
  • Experience in extracting and analyzing data that goes into the segmentation, targeting and positioning of a specific  campaign 
  • Insights into both the Danish and International markets
  • Understanding the basics of both the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet to better develop potential Growth Strategies 
  • Understanding the importance of coherent Strategic Planning when developing a brand