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Personal Profile

Now a graduated Bachelor from Copenhagen's School of Design and Technology KEA, I see myself as a team player who is used to working in an international environment, but can fare excellently with individual tasks. When it comes to my work I provide an analytical approach and time efficiency in executing my tasks. With two internships behind my back and solid experience in the entrepreneurial scene I am confident  in my abilities to apply knowledge to practice that shows results. I am fluent in English and have a good command over both Danish and Russian. My passion for a future career lies in Marketing and Sales, Branding, Digital Design and IT. 

Educational Profile


Professional Bachelor Top-Up

KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

Courses and classes:

  • Corporate communication and PR 
  • Digital content generation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Google Analytics and Google AdWords 
  • E-commerce infrastructure 
  • Business case development and implementation 
  • Concept/Campaign development and Implementation

Key Learnings:

  • The impact of content on consumers and the importance for a synchronized cross-platform strategy for different channels when promoting your brand
  • Understanding the e-commerce infrastructure and how it relates to an ERP system, focusing on upstream processes 
  • Developing and implementing engaging digital concepts to generate traffic and leads.

Practical Results:

"I have had several different projects and academic tasks in close collaboration with Kaloyan. His main strength is determination to finalize particular task and a dedication to the working process. Combined with his communication skills, it makes him a good team player. He has been active during academic years and I personally see him improving all the time." (Momchil Momchilov, Marketing & Sales Graduate)


AP degree

Copenhagen Business Academy

Courses and classes:

  • Marketing, Branding, Strategic positioning 
  • Financial analysis, Investment analysis, Budgeting and Optimization 
  • Marketing strategy, Planning and Implementation
  • Collecting, Analyzing and Implementing Data from Qualitative and Quantitative research
  • Social Media Marketing with a focus on Facebook Content Management and Facebook Ads  

Key Learnings:

  • Practical knowledge in developing and conducting quantitative and qualitative market research
  • Experience in extracting and analyzing data that goes into the segmentation, targeting and positioning of a specific  campaign 
  • Insights into both the Danish and International markets
  • Understanding the basics of both the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet to better develop potential Growth Strategies 
  • Understanding the importance of coherent Strategic Planning when developing a brand 

Employment History

Jan 2016May 2016

UX Designer


Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Developing and maintaining the User Experience across CrowdMove's products and services
  • Combining up-to-date mobile industry trends and best practices into a comprehensive framework targeted at a better User Journey
  • Implementing Gamification elements and developing an interactive and immersive User Experience
  • Generating leads by using Search Engine Optimization

Skills acquired:

  • Insights in dealing with a multi-channel business model (B2C and B2B)
  • Market knowledge of best UX industry practices
  • Knowledge of Gamification and Rewards Systems as a means to push and increase usage of the consumer oriented mobile application
  • Content Marketing as a way to reach different clients (B2C / B2B)   


Jan 2015May 2015

Project Manager Marketing and Sales Intern

Aviation eLearning A/S

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Developing a competitive Pricing Strategy to approach the B2C market in the pilot training industry
  • Developing an effective Promotion Strategy to gain awareness (homepage traffic) and generate leads resulting in sales 
  • Content Management: Social Media and on the official product page
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Press Releases and PR

Skills acquired:

  • Insights into the aviation industry, specifically: pilot training procedures and habits 

Practical Results:

"I worked with Kaloyan, during his internship and it was a pleasure. Always on time and well prepared, he contributed with insights and input for our online strategy. Kaloyan has good English skills, both spoken and written - so communication was fluent." (Steen Bach Sandal, Head of Standards at Aviation eLearning)

Jan 2013Apr 2013

Marketing and Sales Trainee

Penguin Travel A/S

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Visa Processing 
  • Market research into Bulgaria as a travel destination during both the winter and summer seasons 
  • Customer support and handling complaints 

Skills acquired: 

  • Practical knowledge into market entry regulations for the Eastern European Market
  • Close collaboration with various embassies inside and outside of the European Union
  • Handling complaints and turning them into a positive result