Kal Guntuku

Kal Guntuku

Work experience

Work experience

Director of Marketing

One Global

Tasked with implementing and promoting Advertising Services; these products and services facilitate efficiencies in Brand Promotion and Management, E-Commerce and E-FAQ's, and mobile B2B advertising.

  • Developed Several Internet Presences among the Sales and Marketing Communities
  • Responsible for the web development sales division
  • Write, edit, and publish printed materials including contracts, sales portfolios, label and logo design, and ongoing correspondence with clients and applicants. 
  • Created several cross browser compatible custom websites for personal and commercial use.
  • Implemented a custom branded water bottle program from scratch that soon became the primary product of our company. Setup vendor relations, website, order forms, incorporation and contracts.
2006 - 2008

E-Commerce Administrator

Craftmade International

Managed and maintained a multi-million dollar electronic purchase order system known as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Handled clients internationally and kept up to date with ANSII X-12 guidelines and regulations for e-commerce.

  • Successfully took over for E-Commerce Manager and the entire EDI Dept.
  • Sent to Sterling Commerce HQ to take classes on Gentran Server for Windows.
  • Automated many manual processes and cut processing time in half.
  • Updated EDI mapping for mass merchandisers.
  • Created monthly sales reports for Marketing.
  • Worked jointly with Purchasing and Data Entry to improve order tracking and stocking efficiency.
  • Worked together with the IT department to setup and maintain the SQL Server.
  • 2 years Basic Data Entry
2004 - 2006

Quality Control Specialist


Contracted out to Verizon for Third Party Verification of telecom changes as mandated by the FCC. .

  • Ensured consistency of all call center agents according to FCC guidelines.
  • Answered customer questions and support requests
  • Verified service changes for deaf customers via TTY
  • Performed companywide inventory and audit
  • Contracted out to RiverRock Inc for CRM Software testing