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What Does our System Do?

In a nutshell, Kaleidico fights the tyranny of poor follow-up by salespeople. It defends you against the injustice of lost deals. It promotes goodwill between your marketing and sales departments. And, above all, it releases you from the guilt and shame of mishandling the most important assets in your inventory--your pipeline of potential clients. Let me enumerate the ways in which our web-based application goes above and beyond the simple CRM concept. You see, your existing pipeline is neither a customer nor have you established a relationship with them yet, so why are you expecting your Customer Relationship Management tool to be something it's not?

  • Kaleidico uses intelligent distribution to ensure the most logical, the most methodical, and geographically sound placement of your leads. Route leads from a central hub to virtually anywhere in the world to the most appropriate salesperson in subsecond speeds.
  • Kaleidico ensures follow-up on EVERY lead EVERY time it's touched. Whatever system you use today has leads sitting in a spreadsheet waiting for your salesperson to make the RIGHT move. Do THEY know what that move is? Do YOU? (psst--Kaleidico does...)
  • Kaleidico's Automated Communication Engine (ACE) roars at 500hp to deliver instant emails to clients, text and emails to staff, alerts to managers, and rules-based dialogue that runs 24/7 to inform prospects of your important information.
  • Reporting on every facet of your leads-from receipt all the way through closing. Know what every salesperson is doing with YOUR leads--you don't have to guess anymore!

How Do We Implement?

Whether you are an independent business owner with a network of sales people, a small call center sales organization, or a large corporation with branches worldwide, our solution is the perfect fit. (We have probably seen someone with your scenario as well)

We have designed icoSales to be an instant setup, allowing you to literally input leads 15 minutes after talking to us. (current record--can you beat it? Let's try...)

Multiple sources of leads? Different campaigns? Limits on who get the website leads vs the call-ins? You control it all. Not through a month long "engagement" or "installation". This isn't brain surgery, so you can trust us not to make it out to be. (Don't let anyone else do that either! --Except brain surgeons--give them all the time they need)

Buying software applications to improve your sales conversion should be easy. The technology should be doing the heavy lifting, not you! At the end of the day, if you want to make it difficult, keep using Excel, Salesforce, and e-mail to juggle your pipelines. THAT'S hard. Lead Management System=Easy.