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 My name is Kaleb Walker, Corporal of Marines, and I'm greatly interested in becoming one of your representatives. I have the ability to oversee and manage hundreds of individuals while ensuring timely completion of mission deadlines. As a reservist I am extremely versatile, committed, and hard worker. On the civilian side I have worked with food for 6 years, and with clients and guests for 7  years as a service representative.  I'm am a self driven individual with strong presentation skills, and confidence in my abilities to learn and grow. 




Blinn College

 Associates through Blinn, and my major is business management . 



Columbus High School

Nutrition Coach Certificate


Personal Trainer Certificate


CPR & First Aid Certificate

American Heart Association

Work experience


BBVA Compass

Sales & Service  Associate

I am the first point of interaction for customers as they enter the bank. Most of my time is spent verifying and adjusting client’s accounts, and taking care of their financial needs.  As well as showing them opportunities to make and save more money at our bank. On top of that I have the ability to open accounts and help the bank to grow monetarily while putting our clients in a better financial position.


Chic fil A

Team Leader

I worked at Chick-fil-A for five months as a team member. 

   I worked with the kitchen crew to ensure fast service and great food. 



Fish Daddy's


At Fish Daddy's I work as a server and bartender primarily, but I also work as the quality assurance member and a cook  when needed. My accomplishments since I've been there include:

 Moving up to bartender within 4 months

 Being one of the top servers on selling specials


Napa Flats


At Napa Flats I worked as a line and prep cook within the year and a half  I was there I learned to work all stations, and could work three at a time on slower days. I also learned all functions up to manager functions for kitchen operations.

   I worked catering events, and prepared meals for them as well.



Customer Service clerk


Brookshire Bros

Grocery store

Head Stocker, Customer Service Clerk, Cashier

I worked here through high school and a little after starting as a cashier , but while I was there I got promoted to  head stocker within a year. I was moved to be a  customer service clerk another year later, but still worked as head stocker on truck days and cashier. As a customer service clerk I managed all monies that went through the store throughout the day.


Proficient with Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

 CRM program knowledge 

Great communication skills 

Flexible and adaptable to many situations 

Military Service 


Corporal Walker, Kaleb


Corporal in the Marines

HWWMV Operator, Food Service Specialist,  Rifle Man. MachineGun Operator 

2nd Squad Leader of my platoon for 2 years. 

I also serve as Fire Team and Squad Leader of the security platoon. I am also a Section head for my primary MOS.