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My freshman and sophomore year I was involved in color guard and I gained so much leadership skills from being involved in it. Now outside of school I have a job that takes up so much of my time! I work at Willow Brooke and absolutely love it! I plan on working there through college because I like it so much. I also have 3 other siblings I help take care of which also takes up a lot of my time. I have a 11 year old sister named Madison, a 6 year old brother named Mason, a 19 year old brother named Michael who has CP and a 21 year old brother named Cody. Over all most of my time is spent with my family.

Work experience

Dec 2012Present

Staff writer


This semester i have started to talk to more of the people in talisman and making friends. I have been trying to get the cliques out and become more of a family which I love. I have been trying to step up and make sure my responsibilities are done to help out everyone else, because we are a team and have to work as one. I have been helping others with whatever they need and trying to become more of a leader then a follower. I want to finish my senior year strong and leave a good impression for the staff next year. I feel like joining talisman was one of the best and most remember able times of my whole high school career.  


Delaware Hayes

I definitely feel like my over all computer skills and my ability to navigate around it has improved so much. I feel so much more comfortable with In design and Photoshop then I did in the beginning of the year. I also think my typing skills have gotten so much better then they have ever been and that will help me so much in college.

~Staff Improvements~

Some staff improvements we need to work on are definitely all staff members meeting deadlines!!! This is such a big problem every issue! I feel like the staff could also work together as a team a little more because if we did we could meet our deadlines with all the stories well edited. This could make our paper better over all as a whole.

~My Goals~

My one personal goal i want to accomplish for next semester is to take on more stories. I normally only do a story and a graphic but I would like to challenge myself. I would also like to push other staff members to turn in their work on time. I think setting a goal for all of us to improve our paper even more than last issue and keep up the good work.

~My Highlights~

My best moments would definitely have to be when we went to Texas i had the time of my life! I have so many memories that will stay with me forever! In class would be coming in and jamming to music everyday with everyone and all the fun times we had laughing.