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Best Work


My favorite moment by far is when everyone was worried that I wasn't going to get the car for the car bash, so you put Eric on to help. When I only had to call the one person I had connections with; you didn't believe I was going to do it. Honestly it was great to prove everyone wrong-- I knew I could and would do it.


I work at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, as well as at the YMCA here in Delaware. I participate in Big Brothers Big Sisters. I am on the swim team, and in choir, and I will be in the musical this year-- instead of playing lacrosse.

Second Semester Goals

I would like to completely take over the business aspect, as well as help everyone get advertisements-- I strongly believe it's where I can attribute the most. I would like to make packets for people to bring with them for advertisement meetings and implement a few new tricks as well as quotes to use and certain phrasing when asking for someone to support. I want to get everyone up to the advertising money mark.

Staff Improvements

More penalties; for being late and things like that. I definitely struggle with that; and more consequence would be a real kick in the butt.

More in depth stories; ask people in the lunch room for story ideas or what they want to see in the paper. We could have a Talisman drop box where people can put in their leads, or ideas.

Headlines; although improved we need more strict rules on whose to do them, or when people have to turn in their lead and idea they should have to have a possible headline.


I stepped out of my comfort zone when I did the meet the exchange graphic, it was my first time ever doing a cutout. As of now I have done ten cutouts; including the ones that didn't fit in right. I had Nick teach me how to do it first, one time. Now I'm the one people ask, or get referred to. I love opening up the pages and seeing my cutouts; it's such an accomplishment.