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My objective is to receive scholarships with enough income to support my mom with my educational costs. When I graduate from high school, I have a dream of obtaining my paramedic license. I will attend Jackson College this upcoming Fall to acquire my EMT license and eventually transfer to a different college to secure my paramedic license. I am currently in the S.A.E.S.A. Explorers to help pursue my future medical career.

Community Involvement 


Sport Car Washes

Stockbridge High School Cheerleading

We washed community cars to raise money for the cheer team. It was a win-win situation for everyone.


Secretary, Treasurer & Assistant

S.A.E.S.A. Explorers

I assist the president by keeping track and recording our monthly meetings, financial tracking, and support medical treatment.


Day in the Village Volunteer

Stockbridge Area Chamber of Commerce

Set up and take down crew, monitored the garbage system while keeping an eye on the ambulance base, and helped with setting up the kids rides.


Band Member

Stockbridge High School Band

I am the percussionist for the Stockbridge High School Band. I have been in band since I was in 6th grade and I am now a senior! We perform at every community event that we can and not only do we represent Stockbridge itself, but we also bring in more people into the event, and possibly bringing in more money towards the event.



Expected to Graduate in 2016

Stockbridge High School

I have taken all of the mandatory classes that are needed and I have also taken Spanish 1, 2, & 3, this will be my 7th year of being a Stockbridge band member, and I have taken a semester in American Sign Language.


Language Comprehension

Can Understand Basic Spanish and Sign Language

I have taken the opportunity to take Spanish 1, 2 & 3. I don't remember everything but I am able to understand people speaking and can read in spanish.

I took American Sign Language online for a semester and am able to understand the ABC's. That is how I could communicate with a hard of hearing person.


Being artistic has helped me be creative in creating new ideas in situations that occur, such as circumstances with the Explorers, being an artist, and events that require planning and creativity.


I am experienced in being able to do multiple things at the same time. The biggest multitasking action that I tend to do in my day is drumming for the Stockbridge High School bands. In order to play this very complicated instrument, you have to have great hand eye coordination along with your feet. On a normal day, I will come home from school and watch my show, do my homework, and text my friends all at the same time. 

Time Management/Planning

I am a huge planner. I never plan events without knowing where were going, what time, and what we are doing. People come to me when they need advice and/or help with their events, such as parties, dates, etc. I have experienced planning within the Explorers, band, social life, and community events such as Day in the Village. 


I am currently learning how to communicate with my everyday life and also with my future patients. Our instructor, Ron Hodder, has us practice this skill by traveling over to the town square in Stockbridge and introducing ourselves to strangers, both speaking with them and taking their blood pressure. Because of this training, I have been able to come out of my shell of being shy and have been able to communicate with my fellow classmates and total strangers to a greater degree.

Jun 2015Present

"Medical Trainee"

Secretary/Treasurer and Assistant

I am apart of the Explorers group here in Stockbridge. I am currently learning basic medical skills in order to assist the paramedics in the field and helping my future medical career.