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Kaitlyn Mainar

  • 2076 Teton Pass Street , El Cajon, CA CA
  • Cell phone: 619-733-7683 Home phone: 619-971-3246


My name is Kaitlyn and I'm a junior at Valhalla High school, soon to be senior. In the next four years I plan to attend a four year college, possibly University of Colorado or San Francisco State. These colleges interest me because they offer nursing programs; a career which I would like to pursue. University of Colorado and San Francisco State are also located in beautiful areas which is another aspect of college I would like to keep in mind when applying. I am considering being an ER nurse for a career because it seems to be an exciting career with new challenges to address and conquer everyday.


Valhalla Highschool - 1725 Hillsdale Rd. El Cajon, CA 92019

Current GPA: 3.8

Class Rank: 190/ 469

SAT Score: 1540

Class Schedule:

Senior Year- AP Literature, AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics, Spanish 5-6, United States Government/ Economics

Junior Year- AP Language, AP United States History, Algebra 2, Spanish 3-4, Physiology

Sophomore Year-  World History, Chemistry, English, Algebra 1, Spanish 1-2,  Aerobics, Peer Tutor

Freshman Year- Pre- AP World History, Intermediate Dance, Physical Education, Honors English, Biology, Geometry


Varsity Cheer-  Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior Year

Gymnastics- Sophomore Year

Link Crew- Sophomore Year

Interests and community service

Interests:  Figure Skating- I have been ice skating since I was very young and it has played a major role in my life and who I have become.

Hiking- I love to hike! It's one of my favorite hobbies and helps me stay active/ explore parts of San Diego that I've never been to before.

Nursing- I hope to become an ER nurse as a career.

Community Service- 

I volunteer several days a week at Marvin Elementary school, helping the teachers with creating projects for the children, organizing around the classroom, and running photocopies. I've been doing this since Freshman year.

Valhalla highschool-  1725 Hillsdale rd. el cajon, ca 92019

Current GPA:


Valhalla highschool  1725 Hillsdale rd, el cajon ca 92019

Senior Year: AP Literature


Sep 2012Jun 1986

Valhalla Highschool