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My interests include animals, art, photography, editing pictures, tennis and video editing. I also enjoy traveling, trying new things and meeting new people.


My dream job is one that will allow me to use my creativity in a way that helps the business. After graduating I am looking for a job that will allow me to use my communications skills to help companies be more successful. I would love a job where I could be in charge of a companies social media platform and have an active role in its daily updates. I would also enjoy a job that had something to do with graphic design or web editing. However, I know that these job options are a little unrealistic, so for the time being, I am looking for a job that I can work during the summer from June to August. I love clothes, books, interacting with people, almost all sports and children; so any job that has anything to do with those things would be perfect for me!

Work experience


Pinaire Ranch

My family has a ranch in Arizona and every summer from 2006-2011 I worked for a neighboring ranch. I worked every Monday- Friday for about 4-5 hours a day. My role was very broad and I did basically anything that the family needed me to. I did jobs that included cleaning out old houses, organizing files and papers for the family's company (Rose Valley Water Co.), I took care of the animals, delivered mail, cleaned their house, made meals, took care of the landscape around the house (rock fields, working in their garden, removing debris and sticks). Basically anything that you can imagine doing on a ranch, i did.

Jun 2012Aug 2012

Child Activities

Life Time Fitness

I worked in the Child Care Center and as a Summer Camp Counselor, where I was in charge of caring for children from 6 months old to 12 years old. 

Apr 2010Aug 2011

Teaching Pro/ Shop Manager

Lochmere Tennis Shop

For over a year I taught 3-7 year old children how to play tennis. I taught clinics three days a week and multiple different summer camps. Also as a part of my job I worked in the tennis shop. This consisted of me selling grips, balls, e.g. and unstringing rackets. I was also in charge of scheduling courts for different teams and coordinating their time schedules with one another. Finally I did multiple projects for my boss including, watching and categorizing tennis video clips that he had taken of his clients and putting them together to show the clients different techniques. Also I helped him create a introduction/ biography video for one of his young tennis proteges, which he sent to various scouts around the country.


Barbie Pinaire

Cameron Moore


Aug 2011Present

Bachelor of Arts

College of Charleston

I am a freshman at College of Charleston. I am currently in the process of getting a communications degree with a concentration in digital media.

First Semester Courses:

  • Computer Science 110- Business, Technology and Innovation
  • Geology 101- Dynamic Earth Laboratory 
  • English 110- Intro to Academic Writing
  • First Year Experience- Business Technology and Innovation
  • Geology 101- Dynamic Earth
  • Management 105- Business, Technology and Innovation

First Semester GPA: 3.5

Second Semester Courses (Current Semester):

  • Introduction To Anthropology
  • Media in the Digital Age
  • Media in the Digital Age Discussion
  • Elementary Statistics
  • Elementary Spanish 1

Athens Drive High School

In June of 2011 I graduated from Athens Drive High School with a GPA of 3.9. While in high school I participated in Spanish Club, Save Darfur Club and Varsity Tennis for all four years. During senior year I was a part of the yearbook team, where our yearbook received a "Gallery of Excellence Award" from Walsworth Publishing Company. Our yearbook also received second place in Theme Design, an Honorable Mention for our cover design, first place in Sports Photography for large schools, and third place Theme Spread for large schools by the North Carolina Scholastic Association. 

I have completed my first semester of college at College of Charleston with a 3.5 GPA.


Photography/ Photoshop
I have never taken any formal classes in photography, however it is a passion of mine and I am somewhat knowledgeable about photography.   I know how to use photoshop   I also know how to use all of the microsoft office software: word, excel, powerpoint, ect.