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Professional Experiences



rubiconcepts wants to help organizations – corporations, academic institutions, public institutions and, above all, young companies. We want to help them make the strategically correct decisions, advise on and navigate topics relevant to founding a company and to provide entrepreneurship with heart and mind. 



"Ramenstube" is a Startup like no other: a pop-up gastronomy concept that serves exclusively Japanese Ramen. Our project „Ramenstube“ aims to serve delicious and high-quality soups, Japanese Ramen, and combine the German coziness with Japanese cuisine. We want to show that these countries are also culinary at the same latitude… 

DDG - Digital Devotion Group

Partner & Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

DDG – Digital Devotion Group® offers the ultimate ecosystem for virtual, mixed and extended reality and artificial intelligence.

DDG develops groundbreaking products in the fields of virtual, mixed and extended reality as well as artificial intelligence. These include our ZREALITY Sphere® platform or our URBAN TIMETRAVEL® experiences. In addition, we identify, develop and incubate related technologies to new companies.

The family brand DDG includes ZREALITY GmbH, Digital Transformation HUB GmbH (DT:HUB), xplando GmbH at the Kaiserslautern location and Urban Timetravel S.A. at the Luxembourg location.

Urban Timetravel S.A. (subsidiary of the Digital Devotion Group)

Chief Sales Officer

Urban Timetravel  S.A. provides cutting edge VR & AR experiences to make cities smarter and more exciting and enjoyable for reliving cultural heritage. 

The company provides a worldwide unique product called VR Timetravel - the world's first full service VR sightseeing-bus experience, which allows you to drive through a city and experience past - or future - eras. 

ZREALITY GmbH (subsidiary of the Digital Devotion Group)

Chief Sales Officer 

ZREALITY creates valuable cross-reality experiences for leading brands. The company develops individual solutions for virtual, mixed and augmented reality applications and advise companies on the conception, implementation and technical implementation of corresponding projects. ZREALITY is a division of the Digital Devotion Group.

UplinkIT GmbH (now merged with ZREALITY GmbH)

Head of Sales and Marketing

As a growth-oriented and technology-driven company committed to the creation of digital products and services, UplinkIT has positioned itself as a pioneer of digital transformation in the Rhineland-Palatinate.

The company offers solutions in the areas of platform-independent applications, e-commerce, CMS as well as visualization and semantics. Another focus is on finding ideas and innovations as well as the digitisation of companies and public institutions. UplinkIT is a division of the Digital Devotion Group.

stilfaser GmbH / Von Jungfeld

Working Student: Online Marketing Freelancer

The promising Fashion Startup "von Jungfeld" creates unique colorful Socks and hosiery for Men of Character. Just like any other company this aspiring Start Up needs help if it comes to PR & Marketing-I am more than happy and excited to support this idea with my Social Media Marketing Know-How.

Ströer Social Publishing GmbH (formerly FaceAdNet GmbH)

Working Student: Business Development

The Facebook-Marketing Agency is one of the Experts in this field in Germany. As a Freelancer, I worked partially in the following resorts: Online-Journalism via Social Media, Controlling, Conceptualization & Administration Processes.


University of Mannheim


Media & Communication Studies &
International Relations & Political Communication

My main focus was on researching in the interface of media and political entertainment ("politainment"), the impact of culture on entrepreneurial activities across countries, and the transformational stages of media consumers in the context of emerging technologies. 

Portfolio as Author

I had the chance to be the author of various articles on "Digital Transformation of SME´s and the Public Sector" in regards to cultural change and what kind of technological instruments can be used to improve processes and habits.

Personal & Social Engagement

I enjoy interacting especially with high-school folks for idea creations, evaluating business models with student groups at universities and talking about fundraising in related interest initiatives. Mostly they as me to talk about what I do, how it is to think and act entrepreneurial and how technology and media is changing society and culture.


Business Development
Sales Strategy
Startup Environments & Operation
Public Relations
Business Modeling
Marketing Strategy
Speaking & Writing

Passion & Hobbies

Political engagement
Cultural Heritage
Theater & Acting
Tennis & Soccer