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 Graduated from Scad University with my bachelor fin arts degree. Also graduated from Newsome high school in Lithia Florida

What i know and what could benefit you and your company.

.Good understanding of what makes a game fun and interesting to play                   .Very Enthusiastic                                                                                                                       .



Can read and under stand some french, Still learning.

Computer Skills

Play games and have done design projects on computers

Team Work

I can work well with people and respect everyone.

About me

I love to play videos game and love the mechanics behind them and love to see how they work. One of my favorite game series is Call of Duty Zombies, I also played a lot of different Steam games. I got into Game Design when i was 14 and was wondering what i could do with my passion for video games. I took Digital Design classes in high school that taught me how to use Photoshop and In Design.