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My current objective is to find gainful employment and a potential career with a reputable company. 


  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Articulate and empathetic in client interactions
  • Hard working, punctual, friendly, likable and social
  • Organized with strong attention to detail.
  • Driven, focused, self-motivated and independent
  • Proficient in Windows and Mac OS
  • Fast learning with excellent retention
  • 5 years of computer diagnosis and repair experience
  • Work very well in a team environment

Work experience

Oct 2013Apr 2014

Call Center Supervisor


Worked in a call center supporting Google Android products. Supervised a team of 15-18 agents. I assisted them with their development, including technical knowledge, customer service skills, metric improvement and morale. I also monitored phone interactions and acted as a middle man between Google, our client, and our management team. Through my client relationship, I was able to put together a subject matter expert team and foster them into an invaluable part of the center and assisted in obtaining additional lines of business.  

Jul 2013Mar 2014

Web Developer Intern

As an intern through's mentorship program I'm helping develop several web properties using my skills with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and server side testing. Worked from templates and from scratch to create interactive and exciting web sites and web applications. Also worked with Twitter Bootstrap, Git, GitHub and BaseCamp and am learning Java and Grails/Groovy. 

May 2011Oct 2013


Three Ways Caretaking

Worked seasonally as a caretaker, tending gardens, preparing houses and properties for summer residents and doing any other miscellaneous tasks requested of me. 

Apr 2007Apr 2011

Computer Repair Specialist

Best Buy (Geek Squad)

In house computer repair, diagnostics and sales for Geek Squad. Worked with a multitude of clients on a daily basis to diagnose computer problems and sell tailored solutions. Spent the majority of the day on my feet in customer interactions. Held several leadership type roles throughout my career with BestBuy including a supervisor position to handle all aspects of several in house departments. 

2009Apr 2011

Technology Expert

Professional Gate and Access

Assisted in installation and maintenance of access systems for commercial and residential clients. As their technology expert, I assisted in installing and maintaining security camera systems and networks when necessary. 

Jun 2004Mar 2007

Homeowners Sales Representitive


Worked in a high volume call center environment selling home-owners insurance for a variety of carriers. I was placed in a priority call gate to handle additional volume based on my high standards and quality call handling. I was also part of several think tank type groups to discuss business strategies and was being mentored to advance to a leadership role.  


Customer Relations
I have a strong background in customer service and relations including 4 years in a retail sales environment as well as 4 years in a customer service call center environment. I have always excelled in customer service positions and have excellent interpersonal skills. I am likable and articulate and very good at explaining technical jargon to customers in an easy to understand and polite manor. I have strong communication and negotiation skills with an emphasis on problem resolution. 
Computer/Network Diagnostic/Repair
Through my time with Best Buy and Geek Squad as well as independent projects I have developed an advanced skill set in computer diagnostic and repair including hardware, software and network installation, diagnosis and repair and virus removal. I also obtained an excellent understanding of mobile devices including iPhone and Android devices.
Java and Grails/Groovy
Quickly becoming proficient with Java and Groovy/Grails through self study and's mentorship program. I will be participating in the Global Hackathon this February and am part of a Groovy/Grails meet-up group in the Seattle area. 
Security Camera Installation
In my time with Professional Gate and Access, I gained valuable experience installing security camera systems ranging from wireless single camera systems to hardwired multi-camera networked systems. I also obtained basic knowledge of electrical and automation systems. 
Web Development
I have a strong understanding of HTML and CSS and and the changes they have gone through over the years. Most recently I have been refreshing my skills with the newest technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Ruby and have been diligently working towards a firm understanding and practical use of these languages. In the past most of my experience has been modifying and enhancing existing web sites and building out templates and I have used that as a building block for my development education. 


  • Back end development using JavaScript, Groovy/Grails and Ruby
  • Front end development with HTML5 and CSS
  • Isshinryu Karate
  • Cycling and BMX
  • Music including playing and performing as well as a deep appreciation for all types and genres. 
  • Independent game development
  • Self motivated learning including online resources such as iTunes U, Khan Academy and Code Academy 
  • Sports
  • World Travel