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Health, Safety & Environment position where the company ensures the managers, supervisors, and employees conduct business in a manner that does not harm people or the environment and employees facilitate their commitment through their daily tasks. Believing in integrity is the foundation of every individual. Corporate actions and citizenship commitment drives the organization where all are proud and responsible towards the health and safety of people, protection of the environment, and compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies. My goal is to accelerate my career creating new opportunities and challenges that allow me to grow and expand to international levels. I want to become an expert in my field and work in locations that meet the criteria enforced in the Health, safety, and environment profession. I am a humble driven person that believes that there is always room to grow and learn new thing I believe this career path is educational and always evolving keeping the employees thinking and on their toes. I see myself going to great heights within this field and want to reach new levels within of my career.


Sep 2005Jun 2010


National Institut of HSE