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30 years of  experience in Oil & Gas field development, oil stabilization, natural gas processing and economics evaluation of Oil & Gas projects. Presently Head of Offshore Oil Facilities, leading a team of 10 engineers with Qatar Petroleum (QP) – Producing 500,000 BOPD. Board member of Tender Committee for Al Shaheen field (Qatar) valued at $6 Billion. Previous companies I have held positions at Esso Resource Canada (Exxon) (8 yrs.), Mobil (7 yrs.) , OXY (2 yrs.) and have been with QP for 15 years.

I possess expert knowledge in LPG and NGL recoveries, gas compression, dehydration, oil stabilization, pipelines and pumping station. I am also an inventor of a LPG Recovery Process - called DHX (Direct Heat Exchanger) Propane Recovery Process, currently implemented worldwide at various major projects.

Key Strengths

Development of new oil fields and expanding existing fields.

Developing new ideas from design to commissioning.

Acknowledged expert in Process Simulation Models using Hysys and Pipsys softwares. Additionally I am proficient in PIPEPHASE.

Economics evaluation of proposals.

Capturing overlooked opportunities.

Troubleshooting processes and solving problems with low investment.   

Work experience


Head of Offshore Oil Facilities

Qatar Petroleum

Presently leading team of 10 engineers overseeing QP EPSA / DPSA Operators  (Maersk Oil, Total, Oxy & QPD) producing 500,000 BOPD. Additionally I am managing various major offshore oil field projects, currently at planning and implementation stages of the development. Projects range from couple hundred million dollars to six billion dollars in value.

After conducting Techno-Economical analysis I approved a field development plan (FDP) of three new offshore oil fields projects operated by ARCO/Anadarko (20,000 BOPD), Maersk Oil (300,000 BOPD), and Total Elf (100,000 BOPD). 

In 2001, I evaluated and approved a proposal of FDP worth $2 Billion from Maersk Oil for the development of Al Shaheen oil field, which at present producing 350,000 BOPD and 200 mmscfd of high-pressure associated gas. During development I proposed a de-centralizing gas compression plan, which saved over $150 million of CAPEX and made compressed gas available for gas lift, which in turn eliminated the need of high operating cost electric submersible pumps.

Responsible for process and facilities engineering of Oil Field Development Department’s Projects using Hysys and Pipesys Softwares.

Developed a Project Economics Evaluation Model in MS Excel used for economic analysis.Previous to my current designation I was overseeing the North Field (world's largest offshore gas field) projects for production, transportation, processing and liquefaction to LNG. During development of the field I innovated a new concept of transporting total wellhead fluid to onshore reducing CAPEX and OPEX. Now all the projects in North Field are utilizing the concept I developed.

I am a board member of the Al Shaheen Tender Committee Board, which handles $6 Billion of equipment and EPC contracts.

Task force member of an ExxonMobil/QP team leading a gas to liquid - GTL project study. Project was canceled when project costs reached $18 billion.


Senior Staff Process / Facilities Engineer

Mobil / Veba Oil Operations

Responsible for process engineering utilizing Hysys Software and managing EPC projects for oil and gas facilities including gas plants (dehydration, LPG recoveries by expander and refrigeration, sweetening).

Completed process engineering and EPC of the following projects:

  • Production facilities for 30,000 BOPD sour crude new oil field - Valued at $500 million.
  • Installation of 6000 HP gas compression and Mole Sieve dehydration Unit - Valued at $20 million.
  • 200 Km of oil and gas gathering system, and oil transfer lines - Valued at $25 million.

Process evaluation study of gas lift system involving 24 compressors (gas compression from 15 to 1250 psig), 10 Mole-sieve dehydration units and 100 Km of high-pressure gas supply loop.


Senior Staff Process Engineer

Esso Resources Canada Ltd.

I invented a LPG low cost recovery process called DHX Process - Patented by Exxon Corporation in the USA. (US Patent No. 4,507,133). First application was at Esso Judy Creek Plant -100 mmscfd. Propane recovery improved from 70% to 100% with an investment of only $1 million, which in turn generated extra revenue of over $50 million over the life of the project. Mobil in Indonesia, Total Elf/QP in Qatar and several other companies have applied the DHX Process worldwide.

I presented a paper on the DHX Process at the1986 Annual Convention of Gas Processors Association in Houston. Hydrocarbon Processing selected my paper as the number one submission out of sixty others.

Provided Process Engineering support for the production of 250,000 BOPD and 200 mmscfd of gas requiring - gas gathering, gas compression, dehydration units, liquid and gas sweetening, LPG and NGL recoveries using various processes and pumping stations.

Provided Process Engineering support for:

  • MEA Sweetening unit ($20 million),
  • Ethane Extraction Plant ($50 million),
  • Steam Generation Unit for Cold Lake Project ($40 million) and the conversion of the expander process to the DHX Process.

During my tenure with Esso I was seconded to Syncrude Canada Limited for one year. While at Syncrude I  reviewed and evaluated consultant’s PFD’s, P&ID’s, data sheets and other document for the plant expansion which was valued at $400 million.


Process & Facilities Engineer

Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd.

Responsible for Process / Project Engineering support for the production of 200 mmscfd of 35% sour gas requiring well site facilities, gas gathering, gas plant processing (MEA plant, TEG dehydration, Lean Oil LPG recovery plant, 1700 Ton/day of sulphur plant, Tail gas cleaning plant), condensate stabilization and support facilities.

Developed a new type of sour gas transportation system from well site to the gas plant solving the hydrate problem thereby reducing operating cost by $2 million per year.

Designed and installed hot oil circulation system for the four gas producing wells thereby solving well freezing issues. 


Process Engineer

Various Major EPC Firms

Mathew Hall Engineering Ltd., London, England -  (Staff over 3000)

H.A. Simons Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., Canada -  (Staff over 2000)

DPH & Associates, Calgary, Alberta, Canada  -  (Staff over 200)

Completed Process Engineering for oil stabilization, transportation and gas processing for the following companies in Canada and UK. The work included heat and material balances by simulation, preparation of equipment data, PFD’s, P&ID’s and process description:

  • Mobil Oil - Stratford Offshore oil production platform, North Sea, UK,  - 350,000 BOPD.
  • Shell - Brent ‘C’ and Cormorant ‘A’ Oil Production Platforms, North Sea, UK, 150,000 and 300,000 BOPD, respectively.
  • B.P. - Gas Transportation from North Sea Offshore Gas Field to Onshore, England - Capacity more than 200 MMSCFD.
  • Chevron - Petroleum Blending and Distribution System Chevron Oil Refinery, Vancouver, Canada. (Project $20 million).
  • ESSO - Designed LTX process for LPG recovery.
    • Esso Resources Engineering Manager stated that my design was amongst other things the “ and simplest designed gas plant at Judy Creek Field”, My design resulted in a job offer from Esso Resources Canada Ltd, Calgary.


RWTUV Akademic Middle East

Subsea Pipeline Engineering

Economics Evaluation Courses

Petroleum and Decision Analysis By: Mr. John R. Schuyler – OGCI

QUE$TOR, AS$ET & INPRO for cost estimates and economics analysis

Hysys, Pipesys & Pipephase

Attended several Hysys, Pipesys and PIPEPHASE courses in Canada and USA

Exxon Courses

Oil & Gas Surfaces Production Facilities

Gas Processing Facilities

Applied Reservoir Engineering 

Economics Evaluation of Projects

Time Management

Management by Objectives