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Productive and consistent researcher demonstrating strong reasoning skills with comprehensive experience in high-throughput screening, laboratory automation and molecular biology techniques.

Work experience

Jun 2009Sep 2009

Dean’s Research Fellow

Cutler Laboratory (UCR)

Purpose: Identify cell expansion inhibitors utilizing a high-throughput chemical synthesis and screen.

  • Designed and performed a high-throughput chemical synthesis and phenotype screen. Completed the synthesis of 40,000 novel compounds, the screening of 10,000 compounds and the writing a SOP for the automated dispersal ofArabidopsis thaliana seedlings in 96-well plates.

  • Created a molecular structure database for visualization and phenotype screen data entry.

  • Isolated and characterized putative inhibitors utilizing chemical analytic techniques (RP-HPLC fractionation, NMR, IR Spectroscopy.)

Jun 2007Sep 2007

NSF-REU Research Fellow

Bailey-Serres Laboratory (UCR)

Purpose: Identify MPK6 inhibitors utilizing a high-throughout luciferase assay and screen.

  • Designed, optimized and performed a high-throughput luciferase assay. Completed a screen of 1,280 bio-active compounds, identifying four putative inhibitors of MPK6.
  • Produced and isolated native an modified recombinant signal transduction pathway proteins
  • Maintained laboratory consumables, cleaned glassware and operated an autoclave.


Jun 2008Jun 2010

Bachelor of Science

University of California, Riverside

GPA: 3.878 (Magna cum Laude)

Relevant Coursework: Immunology, Comparative Virology, Elementary Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Microbiology Laboratory, Chromosomes, Genetics, Plant Biology, Evolution, Statistics I/II.


Andrew Defries

Rana Tayyar

Scott Herrick Herrick