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Work experience

Mar 2010May 2010


Moder Mat

All types of accounting work, tax, financial, legal, administrative, information systems and processing



First english Certificate

Cambridge [ Editar ]
Mar 2004Aug 2009

Certified Public Accountant

Universidad Nacional de Rosario [ Editar ]

Designing structures for administrative organization - accounting and information systems relating to:    1. Structure of the organization.    2. Accounting Systems    3. Implementation of data processing systems.    4. Preparing, analyzing and planning  financial statements. # Perform analysis and reporting costs. # Perform accounting and operational audits. # Perform economic and financial analysis of enterprises through cost-benefit studies, studies of financial and asset situation and participation in the analysis and evaluation of investment projects. # Provide advice to companies and other entities for:    1. Performance at different stages of life of the entity.    2. Transfer of goodwill. # Perform job counseling and social security for:    1. Operative administration - accounting.    2. Performance in administrative resources. # Carry out tax advice regarding:    1. Analysis of the situation of the entity in relation to other taxes.    2. Operative administration - accounting.    3. Promotion schemes. # Act in judicial matters in the following aspects:    1. Commercial Bankruptcy.    2. Prepare assessments of damage and casualties.    3. Develop statements of dissolution and liquidation of companies.    4. Issue opinions and reports on government accounting and judicial interventions.    5. Intervene in probate.    6. Make attested copy and surveys in the identified incumbencies.


Certified Public Accountant, allowed and prepared to perform in all types of advice and consultancy on areas accounting, auditing, finance, bankruptcy, tax, pension, corporate, surveys and administration.

Public Accountant



My intention is to continue a successful career in a  great record and growth prospects company in all professional incumbencies but especially in the areas of Finance and Accounting


Oral communication skills expressed in lecturing at the University. Writing skills developed with essay writing. My degree course greatly enhanced my written and verbal communication skills due to the many presentations, assignments, posters, essays and projects required.
Willingness to learn
I am keen to develop my understanding and acquire new skills through employment.
Computer skills
Knowledge and experience of Windows 3.1 to 7, MS Word, MS Excel, Management software, using email and the Internet.
Fluent English
Trained to speak perfect english, even developed in foreign countries