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Excellent communicator bridging the technical and business communities providing focussed solutions and growth strategies in developed and emerging markets.Comfortable at CEO/senior Govt./Regulator levels as well as at the operational ‘front-end’.

Strong project/ programme/PMO management skills covering PRINCE2 through RAD prototyping methods.

Experienced in managing multiple programmes across several business and geographic areas.Exceptional Carrier Relations / Supplier Manager with a proven track record in achieving significant, measurable improvements to telecom's regulation, reducing supplier costs and transforming operational performance through business planning, process re-engineering, formulation and implementation of dynamic market development/growth strategies and leading international teams.

Strong satellite b'width modeling and management of satcoms suppliers, pricing/discount negotiations, strategic coverage modeling and business development at C-Level 'on the ground'.A cogent appreciation of business and IT/Technology drivers, understanding how each can be used as catalysts to drive the other forward developing new/emerging technologies and markets. P&L responsibilities across multiple countries/Regions.

Specialities :

International Contract Negotiation/Management, International Programme Mgt, International Sales Support, Mergers & Acquisitions, Submarine Cable Builds - Business Development, Satellite Systems - Business Development, New Business Development, Greenfield Start-up, SLA/Operational Mgt. & Improvement/Enforcement, 3rd Party Supplier/Relationship Mgt, Team Mgt & Development (Line & Matrix), Regulatory Liaison

Work experience

Apr 2010Present

Contract Consultant

Monaco Telecom International

Strategic Capacity Planning & Supplier Management


  • Management of all satellite b'width suppliers for Africa and Middle East Regions.
  • Re-negotiation of pricing schedules and capacity acquisition plans.
  • Consolidation of locally held contracts (8 business units) under centralised control.
  • Creation and deployment of single contracting entity model internally and within the Carrier/Supplier community to optimise contract management and apply economies of scale discounts on new contract acquisitions.
  • Full kit/operational audits/inventory of all African country main earth stations, VSAT stations and customer site deployments.
  • Triage of inventory findings to develop replacement/upgrade strategies.
  • Develop and implement the new strategic direction for capacity acquisition, Supplier/ Partner model/engagement, financial reporting of new business/b'width development/acquisitions.
  • C-Level customer engagement across the oil, gas, mining and banking sectors to develop/ align customer engagement/development with b'width/capacity growth options.
Jan 2010Apr 2010

Contract Consultant

United Nations

Consultant - Antiquities Commission (Paternity Leave Cover)


  • Liaison with national/international agencies looking at promoting standard cataloguing and tracking identification profiles and id sequencing.
  • Promoting bi-lateral consultation/collaboration identification processes between cross boarder agencies and international dealing/auction houses/museums.
  • IT Systems integration analysis between various national/international Govt./NGO agencies and the private sector to facilitate investigative/market tracking of 'items of interest'.
Oct 2008Aug 2009

Head of International Business

Digicel Pacific Ltd.

  • Head of International Business for Digicel Pacific Region (Fiji, PNG, Samoa, Tonga & Vanuatu) which incorporates both Carrier and Roaming business groups.
  • Regional P&L responsibility for all Carrier and Roaming activities.
  • Monthly responsibility to report to the Digicel Board on Regional Carrier and Roaming profitability, strategic initiatives, Regulatory issues, Local & Regional Business Development projects.
  • Responsible for satellite and submarine cable access and management of Supplier relationships worth approx. US$5million pa.
  • Development/management of all Carrier relationships for Wholesale Carrier and Roaming business across Region.
  • Management of Carrier/Roaming development strategy across Region.
  • Interface with World Bank/WTO on development of Regional Network Strategy.
  • Programme Manager on development projects – participation in sub-cable projects (SPIN), satcom projects (O3B, NewSkies), development of co-ordinated disaster/event management response.
  • Programme Manager on the build of an NNI facility in Hong Kong to ‘globalise’ the Carrier presence of the business and increase Digicel’s visibility in the Customer/Carrier value chain.


  • In nine months increased roaming revenues from US$3.5million to US$7.9 million by the targeting of main Roaming Partners with Preferential Partner deals to make an immediate impact on a previous moribund market.
  • In nine months increased Carrier revenues from US$5.9million to US$15million by leveraging the Regional network model (one stop shop), attacking artificially high incumbent rates/introducing volume based discounts to incentivise Carrier traffic, introducing Tier 1 Carrier SLA’s and selecting strategic Partners with presence in our major terminating markets.
  • Reduced Carrier out-payments by 40% by re-negotiation of termination rates via Regional aggregation of minutes (US$4.2million).
  • Introducing bi-lateral Account Management principles to the organisation, highlighting the worth of strategic vs tactical relationship management and ‘selling’ the development benefits internally to Digicel.
  • Acting as the main advocate for issue resolution within Digicel and acting as SPOC for Digicel issues within the Carrier/Satcoms/Sub Cable community.
  • SPOC for World Bank/WTO on the creation of the technology road-map for the Region. Responsible for the analysis/illustrating that a shift in emphasis is required away from Govts. as the sole champion of market development, intra-Regional connectivity to a more commercial focus placing the emphasis on Regional/Intra-Island operators as the main agents of change.
  • Headed the team analysing investment/development opportunities with current/new cable and satcoms providers. Main projects were participation in the South Pacific Islands Network (sub cable), East Timor-Australia Cable (sub-cable) and the Other 3 Billion (O3B satellite network). Development of impact and investment analysis to Board level on options to move forward.
  • Responsible for ‘new build projects’ regarding new sub-cables within the Region eg. East Timor – Australia.
  • Creation of the ‘Digi-Lifestyle’ brand for both domestic and Corporate users, a bundled package of comms and entertainment options to lock in the targeted market whilst providing a vertical sell proposition.
Oct 2000Aug 2008

Snr. Manager - International Business Development

Cable & Wireless International
Positions Held

Oct 2005 - Aug 2008  -  Snr Manager - International Business Development

Sept 2003 - Oct 2005  -  Snr Global Partner Manager

Oct 2000 - Sept 2003  -  Global Programme Manager - Business Systems Development

  • Managed the Operational relationships of all International Carriers..
  • Introduction of Carrier Service Level Agreements and supporting metrics frameworks.
  • Consolidation of Operational business units leveraging economies of scale in bulk purchasing, customer and business support, aligning to single Global operational process model.
  • Analysis of competitor business in areas of operation i.e. SLA’s, KPI’s, pricing, etc
  • 3rd Party Supplier analysis and recommendation of Primary and Secondary suppliers to create a sustainable, competitive model.
  • Bespoke management projects i.e. audits, financial compensation claims for extended major outages, etc.
  • Production of senior management reports covering Pre-sales, Order Management and Fault Management for both internal and external suppliers highlighting choke points, poor performance, etc. and then driving Service Improvement Plans to mitigate and rectify issues.
  • Customer advocate on major internal and 3rd Party issues (both Carrier and Corporate Sectors)..
  • Direct and matrix team management, direct 6 people, matrix 18 people.
  • Lead on developing strategic interconnect projects with other Carriers and replacing current limited b’width/expensive SatCom capabilities with inexpensive/high b’width submarine cables via Consortia and New Build projects (SEACOM, EASSY, TEAMS).
  • MPLS Product Design.
  • Roll-out of UK Company standard systems (Order Mgt., Fault Tracking, Marketing, HR, Billing) to the C&W International business community.
  • Overall management of the Carrier Operational aspects of the business worth over US$200 million per year.
  • Negotiation and publication of International Operations Agreements with the following Carriers inc. Performance KPI’s, Operational SLA requirements, Performance rebate schedules
    • UK – BT Global Services
    • North America:Sprint (US), BtN (US), Bell Nexxia (Canada), Telus (Canada)
    • Central & South America:C&W Panama, Telefonica, Intelig, Guyana Telecom
    • Caribbean:C&W Caribbean (14 different business entities), Bahamas Telecom,
    • Europe:Telecom Italia, Fastweb (Italy), France Telecom, Cegetel (France), KPN (Low Countries), Versatel (Netherlands), T-Systems (Germany), Arcor (Germany)
    • Global Contracts:BT Infonet (inc. the Swift Banking Network in the Caribbean).
  • The implementation ofService Level and Key Performance management for the above Carriers to enable performance management, mitigation of service outage/failure via Service Improvement Plans.
  • Proactive management ofrebate levels for poor performance, etc. This recouped over US$.5 million in the period 2003-2005.
  • Acting as Supplier SPOC for both Provide and Assure within C&W to ensure that requirements are fed into the business in a structured/focussed fashion which portrays ownership from the Supplier perspective and allows the message to be controlled from the C&W allowing considered and controlled feedback.
  • Prioritising work schedules to facilitate politically sensitive customer deliveries earlier in the order life-cycle, where both appropriate and aligned with the customer requirement.
  • Consolidating and aligning the C&W Caribbean Operational Pre-sales-Provide-Assure-Billing operation (Global Operational Model) to ensure Regional/International customers receive a standard/measurable level of service.
  • Technical and Commercial design of the Caribbean MPLS network covering 14 business units leveraging new/developing Enterprise business in both the Caribbean Region and via Interconnects into North/Central/South America and via 3rd Party Supplier agreements globally.
  • Cricket World Cup 2007 Implementation Programme Manager, managing the design, order management, implementation and closure of project across seven Caribbean business units. Principal contact for all comms to external parties ie. Govt.’s, CWC Governing Committee, etc. to ensure a focussed, appropriate message.
  • Set-up of global client server architecture allowing the centralised distribution of new software and updates with on-line training and documentation.
  • Centralised distribution platforms to allow roll-out to all offices that required Billing systems.
  • 2003-2004 audit of the C&W Eastern European and US operations equipment base allowing identification of owned equipment on co-located sites, support and spares agreements in place and the repatriation of unused equipment for use in other parts of the operation. This netted a total of over £1.8 million savings in equipment re-use, cancellation of support contracts.
  • Programme Manager on the Analysis and Implementation of process improvements within the Pre-sales/Provisioning and Assure workstreams. Allowing a more automated workflow which minimised manual hand-offs and reduced the timeline on delivery of service by 30%. This on occasion also necessitated re-negotiation with major Suppliers to ensure a seamless e2e workflow, minimising delays between C&W and its 3rd Party Suppliers.
  • Produced the specification for Management Reports covering areas of Pre-sales, Order Provisioning and Fault management. Allowing a standard format and scheduled delivery of data to Senior Directors within the business giving both overviews and detailed breakdowns of both month and period performance allowing trends, etc. to be monitored
Sep 1998Oct 2000

Programme Manager - Billing Systems

BT Cellnet (Now O2)


  • Project manager on the re-development of the Pre and Post Pay Wholesale Billing Systems (WBS) (Oracle/Unix) to facilitate their integration into the parent BT billing systems.
  • Centralised distribution platforms to allow roll-out to all offices that required Billing systems.
  • Design and development ofdaily/weekly/monthly Management Reporting pack.
  • Development of internal SLA requirements to facilitate timely production of above reporting pack.
  • 3rd Party Software Supplier Management.
  • Ad-hoc management information developments.
  • Direct and matrix team management, direct 4 people, matrix 10 people.


  • The integration of the WBS systems between the mobile (BT Cellnet now mmO2) and the BT parent company. These systems could be categorised as two types,
  • Pre-Pay:£5 million per month with over thirty variations on charges, peak/off-peak tariffs/times, voucher authorisation, enabled/disabled functions i.e. International Roaming, Callback, SMS (text messaging), free minute allocation.
  • Post-Pay:£100+ million per month utilising multiple currency exchange rates,but with similar variations in tariffs, charges, etc. as in the above.
  • Pre-pay MIS rationalisation, when I first joined Cellnet there were over 60 systems analysing trends, dealing with individual product packages, offerings, etc. We consolidated and re-developed the functionality applicable to delivering the management data/transaction analysis required (many of the systems were developed in MS Access, duplicating functionality, developed in isolation with no common structure, terms of reference, standard interrogation formulas, etc.) and integrating into the parent BT systems.
  • The above was achieved by going back to first principles, what was required, what data was relevant, how was it to be presented and the various data manipulation formula required to interrogate intelligently and in-line with business requirements. We did this by vertically managing the data requirements of the Company rather than the individual i.e. using the tool most appropriate for a strategic, critical resource (Oracle/Web) rather than individual, silo’d analysis (MS Access, etc).
  • The above consolidation meant a timely delivery of management information (within 5w/d of post month end rather than 15w/d). It also delivered within the same package a more holistic resource whereby all pertinent data could be associated and interrogated by the users without referring to multiple sources where the same data weighting hadn’t been applied across the whole transaction/analysis thereby giving inaccurate results.
  • Post-pay system re-design and migration. On joining there was one Oracle system that had been developed over the last 4 years which supported all analysis, pricing, billing, etc. The major issue was that upgrades rather than having been applied against the design of the system holistically had been ‘bolted’ on as required giving both unstructured design and functionality support issues. I undertook a ‘root and branch’ approach to the re-development, drawing in all interested parties and proceeding on a collaborative approach with the rest of the company to produce a modularised development where updates could be quickly applied to a module without endangering the functionality of the whole. This approach also enabled us to restrict access to only that data in which individuals were interested rather than the entire system bringing further security and accountability to the system.
  • This re-development also allowed a more radical interrogation of the system as compared with its predecessor where structures were very linear, to a more dynamic formulation whereby discreet items of previous products, offers, etc. could be substituted and modelled against current developments, a ‘drag and drop’ approach to interrogation and ad-hoc report format.
  • Month-end billing as a result was reduced from a 16hr out of an 18hr process window to 9hrs, thereby allowing a larger support window for fault resolution, etc. as well as end process sanity checking of the bill reconciliation.
  • This re-development reduced billing queries by 37% on average across the year.
Jan 1997Sep 1998

Project Manager - Business Systems Dev.



  • Programme manager on the BUPA Healthline, the first UK based medical call centre available 24x7x365 staffed by trained clinicians.
  • Distribution of Healthline to all hospitals in the Bupa chain, allowing appointment thru post operative care tracking.
  • Programme manager on the BUPA Health Connections project, an interactive booth based health/wellness information tool available in gyms, shopping centres, offices, etc.
  • Programme manager on the BUPA Knowledge Project, ascertaining future data and delivery mechanisms to facilitate a ‘lifetime of health’ experience.
  • Project manager on the design and implementation of an HR Positive Performance Management system, allowing managers and staff to continuously update experience etc. so the formal performance reviews were based on factual, annotated performance.
  • Project manager on the implementation of ISO9002 quality audit software across the entire operation and instructing key users on individual sites of its use.


  • Managed the IT workstreams on the Healthline (hard/software/telecoms) that developed the selection criteria, produced the ITT’s, choose relevant International/UK Suppliers and introduced Support SLA’s and KPI’s for on-going support and maintenance.
  • Assisting the Head of Medical Services in leading cross-functional teams we successfully completed the implementation of the project in Aug. ’97, 5 months ahead of schedule.
  • The first phase of the Healthline was the introduction of the ‘Wellness Centre’ this was a medical call-centre that provided in-depth health information from first aid, general health information on diet, etc. through to surgical operations, drug dosage and immunology advice, patient support group networks and a GP/Dental database covering all practitioners in the UK.
  • The Healthline was then used as the prototype for NHS Direct and we liaised closely with Central Govt. in outlining lessons learnt, etc.
  • The Health Connections project was a trial in selected outlets i.e. sports clubs, corporate clients, etc.. This successfully introduced interactive booths that a client after entering profiling information could access general wellness information on diet, allergies, height/mass ratio’s, etc.. This allowed trending to be undertaken to ascertain what data was been requested by individuals in certain environments, as well as by age/gender, etc which allowed more focussed Marketing campaigns. It also proved to be a catalyst for the modification of the product range, bringing it closer to the client rather than been seen as an abstract concept. In the first 6 months of operation over 300,000 requests were received which translated further into over 14,000 new insurance policies. The return on the initial investment within the first 12 months was 15 fold, with additional value been generated by the publicity generated and a significant pool of sample data which could be used for future modelling.
  • Introduction of the HR Positive Performance Management (PPM) system. This allowed staff and managers to score themselves/teams against the companies core competencies and any other relevant objectives. This system then became one of the focal tools for the dialogue between managers and staff at in/formal appraisals.
  • Introduction of ISO9002 quality audit software throughout all BUPA hospitals. This certification was essential for the hospitals otherwise depending on the severity of any issues raised the licence to operate could be revoked. The system provided a quality audit throughout all parts of the supply chain within the hospital and external suppliers to a lesser degree.
Sep 1995Dec 1996

Snr. European Business Analyst

Sony BMG
Feb 1994Sep 1995

International Business Analyst

Allen & Overy




University of Durham


University of Durham

BA Hons

University of Durham