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Application Developer, Database Administrator, and Business Systems Analyst with experience in a wide variety of business applications and programming languages. Particularly interested in the development of desktop and web applications. I am proficient in the use of C#, Java, VB.Net, PHP, ASP.Net, SQL, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Groovy Script, Jelly Script, Velocity, VBA, jQuery, YUI, JSON, XML and DOS/UNIX scripting. Also have experience working with MS-Office Suite, MS Project, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans, Automate, Microsoft IIS, Infopath, Photoshop, Microsoft SSIS and JIRA.

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Website Administrator

Wildlife Education Coalition

A non-profit group whose mission it isto introduce children of all ages to the wonders of the natural world through exciting personal experiences with our animal ambassadors. This unique connection will arouse a sense of respect, affection and responsibility towards all the citizens of the Earth, regardless of species.Responsibilities include:

  • Creation, maintenance and updating of their new website launched in September 2009

  • This work involves an extensive use of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript

Mar 2010Jun 2010

Field Operations Engineer

Cloud9 Analytics

Startup SaaS company that creates a plug-in for that provides Sales departments with a drillable in depth look at the past, present and future sales. Also creates Excel based reports that are sent via email to customers providing them highly detailed reporting.

  • Created and maintained large, complex customer and report specific SQL statements used to pull data for reporting

  • Responsible for taking the SQL statements and creating multi tabbed Excel reports with them using a web based tool and SQL statements. Then the tool would generate report and populate it with data pulled from database

  • Helped to maintain and upgrade companies data model using XML

  • Responsible for timely response and resolution of issues reported by customers in regards to their various email and Salesforce based reports

Sep 2006Mar 2010

Intermediate Business Systems Analyst

First American Real Estate Tax Service

Held position from October 2006 to the present day. Responsibilities include:

  • In charge of database development using Access, SQL and MySQL

    • This includes the creation of MySQL procedure that takes files from various sources and outputs a billing file used by accounting to bill customers for work completed on their behalf

  • Involved in the development and maintenance of a file parser which is used to convert system reports into tab delimited files so that they can be imported into databases for processing

  • In charge of taking daily repetitive tasks and automating them

    • This has allowed employees to concentrate on more important tasks resulting in a decrease of errors and losses while also cutting back on the number of staff needed

  • Administrator and sole developer for the JIRA ticketing system that is used within the company to track issues that are in need of being resolved

    • Also in charge of analyzing all JIRA related projects to determine their feasibility in relation to the capabilities of the software

  • Daily duties also include the general day to day tech support of the office

  • Also in charge of maintaining the server backup tape system and handle the replacing of broken or in need of being upgraded of network components.

  • Participated in the determination of and documentation of project requirements

  • In charge of analyzing all incoming issues for department and determining the estimated amount of time in order to complete.

  • Required to train employees on how to run projects that I have completed

Nov 2002Sep 2006

Tax Research Specialist

First American Real Estate Tax Servce

Duties included:

  • Researching delinquent homeowner property taxes to determine why taxes are unpaid and to resolve all issues found

  • In charge of Quality Control of the teams work.

    • Responsibilities included reviewing all team work to verify issues was fully resolved

    • All systems were corrected if applicable

    • All process was correctly per current procedures

  • Also in charge of handling Tax Sale cases for the team. These cases involved properties already sold at Tax Sale or at risk for being lost

  • I was put in charge of a variety of special projects including:

    • Recovery of incorrect payments made to agencies

    • Review of customer denied billing and training of new employees.




Kaplan University


State University of New York at Stony Brook


Brockport High School