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Work experience

Sep 2009Present

Bank networks Hardware security research man

Amnpardaz Soft Co.

There could be several and may be different approaches to bank networks security.

I've entered a team working on electronic approach which looks for available hack scenarios based on electrical/electronic vulnerabilities.

My 1st accomplished project was detecting "Mellat Bank of Iran" POS system vulnerabilities.

Detected vulnerabilities had been approved last January by the bank.

Today we are about to detect hack scenarios based on circuits "data leakage" availabilities. 



Azmoon Pardaz Engineering team

I've been experienced in industrial automation beside an unorganized engineering team working on  and designing production line and quality control machines as "intern" since 2000. Today, I mostly supply repairments of these machines.

Besides automation,


Sep 2007Present


Shahed University


I am student of elecrical and electronic engineering and chairman of IEEE student branch at Shahed university, Tehran, Iran.

Now I am working on hardware security of bank networks at Amnpardaz soft Co.

I'd like electronic approach in  bank networks security.


I am a student having a part time job as a researcher working on POS (Point of Sale) systems hardware vulnerabilities at Amnpardaz soft co.. I (as a member of our team) try to find an electric/electronic approach detecting these vulnerabilities and related hack scenarios.

Moreover, I am experienced in some other fields of engineering which could be found bellow. Since 2007 I’ve tried to share my knowledge with students of junior school, high schools and university.


MS OS driving
Windows XP,98 ,95 ,3.1 MS DOS 6.22
Industrial Instrumentation
on be half of industrial automation projects, I've been designsd some instrumentation circuits for devices such as pressure trancducers, load cells, temperature sensors, etc.