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lEffective in executive and administrative management of office operations including staffing and volunteers as Office Manger and/or Administrative Assistant.

lResponsible for accounts payable and receivable, budget forecasts, auditing/balancing, database management, correspondence, personnel time and record tracking, managing human resource policies and procedures, and interpreting statues and government requirements.

lInstrumental in customer service relations through face-to-face contact, by telephone and through electronic resources.Experience working with media in-person, electronically through press releases, emails and digital media.

Work experience

Office Manager

Cental Oregon Coast Association, Inc.

Responsibilities included working with Board of Directors and Lincoln County Commissions to form a non-profit marketing association for tourism promotion in Lincoln County, Oregon.Creation of programs for promotion of the County included; working extensively with volunteer business contacts from the community, development of a website for internet exposure, budgeting and allotment of public funds for promotional projects, creation of a business-based membership, and organizing regional tourism conferences.Managed all office day-to-day operations including; financial, customer service, and marketing fulfillment, solicited and trained paid and volunteer staff for office duties. - Managed County tax-dollars of over $200K for designated for the promotion of thearea.- Formed a non-profit corporation [501(C)3] for purposes of promotions. - Developed and expanded website for the Association.- Worked with local marketing business people to create national and international media campaigns.- Established and managed the Oregon Coast Visitors Association (OCVA), creating anon-profit status and marketing campaign for the entire Oregon coast withmembership including Chambers of Commerce, State and Federal agencies.- Solicited and hired and Executive Director to oversee operations, marketing anddevelopment while answering to Board of Directors and Lincoln CountyCommissioners.

Office Specialist 2

State of Oregon - Department of Fish and Wildlfie

Data entry in excel and access, statistical information records keeping, bulk mail duties, telephone, customer service, front counter customer service, purchasing, personnel procedures updates, policy and procedures maintenance, interpretation/explanation of statutes, regulations and departmental policy’s,correspondence drafting and completion.Backup to Office Manager for procedure, personnel and regulatory documentation.Backup to OS1 Purchasing position working with purchase orders, contract release orders and transmittals.Interaction with OSP, Salem Licensing staff, ODFW Directors Office, Fish Division staff, Wildlife staff, Procurement, Human Resources, Fiscal, I&E, IS staff, MRP Field office staff and NCWD staff to clarify licensing questions, record training records and submit training requests, place orders, audit information, prepare mailings and balance accounts.

Adminsitrative Assistant

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon

Support management leaders in operations of workplace through executive secretarial, clerical, time management, project and personnel tracking and management. Created and implemented budget outcomes, interpretation of government statues and policy’s, develop reporting formats for internal documents, public presentations and media presentations. Lead staff through mandatory training requirements and procedures for office operations. Maintain the documentation and purchasing for all supplies and equipment in department.


MAS Un Limited

Brought a new product idea to market through design, engineering and development, the patent process, manufacturing and distribution, media positioning, and growth in local, domestic and international markets.The product is ergonomically designed to protect the workers from awkward positions that result in strain on wrists, elbows, shoulders and lower back.Managed office day-to-day operations including; financial, customer service, marketing fulfillment, public relations, solicit and train volunteers and staff for show and office duties. -Creation of multi-language instructions for inclusion in packaging design of product.-Create and manage marketing campaign including print, electronic, word-of-mouth.-Schedule and work at consumer based garden shows for product exposureand sales.-Work with physical therapists and chiropractors for testing, review and distribution. -Product recognized at the Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety and HealthConference (GOSH)in the field of ergonomics. -Featured product in the SAIF safety tour for businesses, departments and agencies.


Leadership Lincoln

Oregon Coast Community College

The goal of this10 month program is to develop leadership and management skills for individuals who have interest and commitment in the future of Lincoln County and to provide networking opportunities that will enhance positive professional and organizational growth.  Included are community projects and individual skill enhancement. 


Debby Booher