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Work experience

Junior Technical Writer

Multiurethanes Ltd.
  • Wrote, published, and distributed 32 Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Wrote Standard Procedural Guides for multiple departmenta
  • Edited, formated, and contributed to bi-weekly newsletters
  • Wrote 14 Product Data Sheets and initiated editing process
  • Designed layout of templaes in MS Word to revise promotional marketing papers
  • Completed document planning, including role-model analysis to achieve industry standards
Aug 2010Present


Lauren Smith Technical Writing & Copy Editing

After years of searching for traditional employment opportunities without luck, I decided to build my expertise through small assignments as a self-employed professional. Since my training was in the field of Technical Writing and Copywriting, I started offering writing and editing services to complete documents for small businesses and large companies that outsource communications work.

The assignments I typically handle include:

Promotional Materials: Proposals, Brochures, Flyers, Newsletters, Sales Letters, Web Content, Press Releases, and Copy for trade shows or fundraising events

Technical Documents: Material Safety Data Sheets, Specifications, Product Data Sheets, Product Manuals, and User Guides

Internal Communications: Staff Newsletters, Form Letters, Policies and Reports, Standard Operating Procedures, Presentations and Speeches, and Training Materials


Volunteer Communications Assistant

Royal BC Museum
  • Compiled exhibit feedback for promotional purposes
  • Calculated equivalent ad space from articles in newspapers and magazines that featured exhibits



Certificate in Technical and Professional Communications

York University, Glendon Campus

During this program I studied and practiced:

  • Routine business correspondence and sales and rejection letter writing
  • Persuasive report and proposal writing
  • Document design, planning, and audience analysis
  • User Guides and training manuals for print publishing
  • Online (hyper-textual) instructions/ navigational planning


University of Victoria

During this degree, I honed my skills in reading comprehension and research. While writing essays, I pursued the ideas and concepts that intrigued me the most and throroughly enjoyed practicing academic writing techniques and analysing literature through a variety of critical lenses


Computer Experience
I have experience with the following programs and functions:   Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher)   Adobe ( Photoshop, InDesign, PageMaker)   Quark Xpress   Dreamweaver and Front Page   Content Management Systems   Editing Text in HTML  
Editing, Revision, and Collaboration
Through my academic and professional experience, I perfected the following abilities: Combed documents for grammatical and spelling errors, contextual abnormalities, and awkward phrasing Simplified complex information by identifying assumptions and missing data, defining key ideas, and planning the flow of information Listened to team suggestions and incorporated multiple ideas into one cohesive document Used a methodical and inclusive approach to enhance documentation
Technical Writing
Researched, planned, and formatted written documents Utilized key concepts of concise and persuasive writing in routine business correspondence, and proposal writing Emphasized a polite, conversational tone in imperative tense, instructional documentation Exhibited excellent interview skills while obtaining information from subject matter experts Conducted audience analysis, and used knowledge to modify complexity of documents Used literary devices and poetic language to produce dynamic communications