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Unusually creative and high level background in global public relations, following a very successful track record in communications and for the media, New York based. Our passion and commitment is for the safety of the most vulnerable children and women, globally.

Looking to work with the most creative, high integrity people in many different industries. Bring your gifts we will overcome this levianthan, together, building a safety net of sponsorship, investing in healthy projects, people and for children!

We are helping to heal division for a new system, globally.  Tv Markiza, the TV Station I consulted to launch, helped to bring democracy to Slovakia. The State Dept. Program I generated, The Assistance To Russian Orphans, first of it's kind ever, has brought $14 million into Russia; children receive health care in their homes rather than being institutionalized.

Tendermercies MOBILE Tv will build on these two creative concepts and be unique to this time of convergence between media and technology; and we are bringing healthcare to urgent issues and crises including global human trafficking, and other forms of violence against women and children. 

"LIFT THE NAME OF JESUS above all names"

Work experience

Nov 2010Present

Founder, CEO

Streaming Media Christian Network addressing the sexual trafficking, abuse and abandonment of children. Highest quality programming of leading orgs addressing this fastest growing global crime. Raising awareness, visibility, highlighting success stories, offering inspiration and hope for children, orgs, and greater communities.
Jan 1991Present

Owner, CEO

tender Mercies

Developing an online network to address the crisis of the abandonment, abuse and sexual trafficking of children, globally. Working cooperatively with entrepreneurs in the film, TV, music and other industries, as well as with faith based organizations, in New York, Washington DC, the west coast and internationally.


IBD Telecom and Media

Deutsche Bank


Right of Child, NGO
Provided high level information from the leading human rights NGO in Russia, The Right of Child, Moscow, to the US Government, generating the first program of its kind out of the State Dept, known as The Assistance to Russian Orphans, see Provided an infrastructure for healthcare for children in Russia abandoned by the System, bringing $14 mil into Russia, by USAID. The care of children in their homes rather than in institutions was achieved for the first time ever.


Central European Media
Helped to launch one of the first commercial TV Stations in former communist Europe, owned by former US Ambassadors Mark Palmer and Ronald Lauder. Following this, the former government was overturned and a more western, democratic government came into power. This TV Station is viewable at Looking at it's website will speak for its strong, creative presentation. Information about it's powerful, financial success can be attained, should you require.


The Wool Bureau
Television Spokesperson; Creative Development of PR Programs for TV Ava Gardner, Lana Turner, Veronica Lake and other "Glamour Girls" of Hollywood, were photographed in and dubbed "Sweater Girls" back in the day. To create a high fashion image for wool, I created and developed a TV promotion for The Wool Bureau, selecting merchandise from designers like Sonja Rykiel. Myself and a partner were used in the photography, which was shot at a mansion in the NYC metro area. This successful TV promotion was on air in cities throughout the US. Today, Hollywood has found fashion and wool isn't the boring classic it used to be.


9 West Shoes
TV, Radio, Newspaper spokesperson. Traveled throughout the US doing in-store promotions/fashion shows, as well as media interviews. 9 West, at this time, was solely (no pun intended) a manufacturer and today is a very well known retailer, with stores throughout the country. I credit this to its extremely creative team of some of the best professionals with whom I have ever worked.

Senior Account Executive, Spokesperson

N W Ayer ~ De Beers Acct
Today, this may be known as a 'spokesmodel', however, at the time, I was also a senior account executive, with responsibility for creating and developing my own story ideas for the media. I had a 'booker' who booked me on radio and TV talk shows and with newspaper fashion editors. I traveled with diamond jewelry into markets throughout the US. Additionally, I created and developed high visibility fashion events in NY, including a diamond jewelry fashion show at the Plaza Hotel. I represented De Beers USA at the Diamonds International Awards, Venice, Italy.

Publicity Coordinator ~ Media Coordinator

Macy's New York
The New York Times, NBC-TV (local and network), House Beautiful, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Men's Fashion Section of the NYT, New York Magazine are just a few of the publications I worked with almost on a daily basis, promoting Macy's to the media. I coordinated fashion shows for TV, worked on the Thanksgiving Day Parade, as well as with the press during Special Events like the Flower Show, Movie Gala Premieres and other productions large and small. Many of the senior executives I worked with at Macy's have gone on to to become Presidents and CEO's of other leading department stores, as well as major Media Companies.




St. Peter's College

Villanova University