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Networking and teamwork
I maintain and continue to develop a power team of professional relationships with investors, other colleagues, and mentors from each asset class. I understand my behaviours and the impact they have on others when, working in and contributing to the success of the project. I listen, give and receive feedback and respond perceptively to others.
Personal effectiveness
I have a willingness and ability to learn and acquire knowledge that can readily be applied to new challenges. I am flexible and open-minded. I am disciplined and, motivated, and thorough. I recognise my own boundaries and draw upon or use sources of support as appropriate.
I manage projects effectively through the setting of goals, intermediate milestones, prioritisation of activities, and attentive leadership. I can design and execute systems for the acquisition of assets through the effective use of resources and equipment.
Critical thought and problem solving
Clear, practiced logical thinking, and attention to detail afford me the ability to: Recognize and validate problems Demonstration of independent and critical thinking, and the ability to develop and communicate theoretical concepts to others. Analyse and evaluate my conclusions and those of others. Deduce correlations between many variables.
Strong interpersonal communication continues to develop in environments as diverse as as: Foreign missions. Long term employment with coworkers who speak English as a second language. Academic settings where both classroom discussion, regular presentations, and virtual blackboard assignments were required. P2P advertising, sales, and  marketing campaigns designed to elicit specified responses from customers and other end users. Visual communications such as graphic design.


Work experience

Freelance Graphic Designer

As sole proprietor I was responsible for:

  • Advertising and marketing.
  • Soliciting new clients.
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Gathering information on consumer trends.
  • Designing various print materials for production.
  • Working closely with clients throughout the entire creative process.


The New World Investment Group, LLC.

NWIG is a privately held entity which exists to acquire and hold assets for cash flow, capital gains and equity. The main focus is in the real estate market. Most of my business practices center around:

  • Searching for investment products and services.
  • Finding and evaluating opportunities by established criteria.
  • Interacting and negotiating with sellers, buyers and lenders.


Entrepreneur, Investor


To apply my skills to an entry level teleservice position.


Employment in the field of teleservices presents the opportunity to leverage my skills and learn and apply new methods of problem solving for clients.


My interests include everything related to investing; financial management, and maximizing the time I have to spend on my family, church, personal development, and everything that is important in life.



Lakeland Community College

Visual Communication

Cuyahoga Community College


Gregory DiMeolo