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My goal in this position, my career, and life is to help identify a problem, conceptualize a multitude of solutions, and from many, develop and implement the most efficient and elegant solution. With adept resourcefulness and uncommon talent for spatial reasoning, I love, excel at, and envelope myself in projects of every complexity, and in any capacity i am able.  I am specifically drawn to wearable technology as one of the quickly advancing frontiers of the digital age.  As the industry matures and adoption becomes more universal, I plan to be a part of the emerging technologies that transform the article of clothing or the accessory into a catalyst for instantaneous access to critical information.  The position in this internship will provide invaluable insight and industry experience that I revel in the opportunity to gain through The New Devices Group. Should I be accepted into this internship, I am certain that the team would benefit from my astute perception, tireless work ethic, capable hands, and curious mind.



Bachelor of Sciences Industrial design

San Francisco State University

A degree emphasizing product design and development


Associate of Arts

Texas Tech Universtiy

Focus on design and illustrative processes


Basic knowledge and experience with CAD (SolidWorks)

Via university coursework

Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Via university coursework and freelance illustration work

Basic knowledge and experience with Adobe Aftereffects

Via university coursework

-Prolific sketching, illustrating, and formal education of drawing and rapid visulaization

Via university coursework and freelance illustration work