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Ruth Macadam

3rd Year BA (Hons) Marketing Management Student


I am currently in my 3rd year of Marketing Management at Edinburgh Napier University, I would consider myself a hard working individual who has very good organisational skills this can be seen throughout my studies as I have also worked part time as well as studying my course. By balancing these two aspects of my life, I have developed very good time management skills. I believe I work extremely well on my own however also as part of a team which can be seen during my time at Vodafone. Therefore, I feel this gives me the foundations to ensure the success of any task given.

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Home Address                                                                                                                  Term Time Address

26 Victoria Street                                                                                                              2/8 Telford Grove Alloa, Clackmannanshire                                                                                                            Edinburgh
FK10 2DZ                                                                                                                           EH4 2UL

Work experience

Apr 2015Present

Sales Advisor

Vodafone UK
During my time at Vodafone, I have experienced a variety of different tasks and scenarios that in my opinion have provided me with essential skills that benefit me today. As a store each individual is given monthly targets, this has made me driven, motivated and passionate to come to work, I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of the job. The store was also given monthly targets which had to be met to ensure success for members of staff. Therefore this meant I have had to learn to strive as an individual however also as a team. I think this work ethic is very important and I plan to apply this to future job roles.
Nov 2014Jan 2015

Customer Support Assistant 

John Lewis
During my Christmas period at John Lewis, I experienced a variety of different customers each within different situations. It allowed me to develop my customer service skills as I had to resolve customer issues whilst also remaining calm and polite.
Apr 2014Aug 2014

Supermarket Assistant 

Waitrose, Stirling
At Waitrose, my job entailed many aspects of Health and Safety as my job was predominately  based within Operations. It was my job to ensure the store was safe within the Health and Safety legislations. Therefore this responsibility allowed me to develop and work well under pressure.
Aug 2011Sep 2013

Soft Play Area Assistant 

During the 2 years I spent at Kidzworld as my first job it provided me with the foundations of my customer service skills I have today. As a very fast pace working environment, it gave me the skills to be able to work under pressure however still remaining polite and well mannered. 


Sep 2013Sep 2017

BA (Hons) Marketing Management 

Edinburgh Napier University 
Undergraduate course
Jun 2007May 2013

Alloa Academy 
Results as of August 2014:

Higher Business Management - A
Higher Administration - A 
Higher English - B 
Higher Art & Design - B 
Higher Computing - C 
Intermediate Maths - C 

Work Experience 

Adidas - JD Sports Superstar Campaign

I worked for JD Sports representing Adidas at a PR event for the launch of Superstar trainers, during this time I worked for 14 days raising awareness about the launch of the new product.

JD Sports

As an ad hoc employee I have worked at various PR events for JD sports, which aimed to raise awareness of store launches through getting customers to partake in competitions.


3rd Year: 

  • Brand Management
  • Social Marketing 
  • International Marketing

2nd Year: 
  • Marketing Communication Tools* 
  • An Introduction to Human Resource Management 
  • Creativity, Innovation and Enterprise 
  • Business Management Challenges 
  • Online Marketing 
  • Market Research in Practice

1st Year:
  • Marketing 1*
  • Intercultural Organisational Management 
  • Accounting for Business 
  • Consumer Behaviour 
  • The Business of Festival and Events
  • Dynamics of Branding

Credit = *

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References available upon request.