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Work experience

Jun 2009Jun 2010



I was ahead of stacking boxes as well as shipping orders. I had to keep the fruits and vegetables clean and well organized.



I have great communication skills, you can say that I am good with people. I keep a very high profile so that I dress for the job that I want and not the job that I have. I am very enthusiastic and I like to get everyone involved. I have great  listening skills and I am a firm believer in great minds think alike so that I only surround myself with greatness. I display a high level of optimism and confidence but not to much to be considered cocky or conceited. My best aspect is my ability to know myself, I know what I am capable of and what needs work. I believe that a team is only as good as its weakest player, the business world is just a big team and everyone plays a part in the team by knowing their role.  



I am very interested in basketball and any type of out going activity.


Organizational Skills
I keep a daily planner so that I am proactive and I manage very structurally.